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"But What if They Don't Get Along:" Transforming Conflict into Partnership in the FGDM Process

A common concern when implementing FGDM is the concern that family conflict will erupt, disagreements between maternal and paternal sides of the family will occur or some family members may hinder or derail the FGDM process. There are also times when systems involved with the family are in conflict. This two-day training will help coordinators transform conflict into partnership for the families they serve. Participants will learn about the potential root causes of conflict and strategies to address the challenges that hinder moving forward with the meeting.

At the end of this training participants will be able to:
  • Describe conflict styles and types and how these may manifest in the FGDM process
  • Demonstrate the use of strength-based language to help families create solutions and build partnerships to address the conflict
  • Formulate a plan to  manage potential conflict before, during and after the conference
  • Demonstrate skills that encourage family to construct  their own strategies for ongoing individual partnership building opportunities while decreasing reliance on professional involvement


Contact us for more information on this training opportunity.