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Building a Safety Net: Using FGDM to Address Family Violence

Research shows that FGDM can be a safe and effective process when issues of domestic violence are present. However, sometimes communities struggle with FGDM processes in these difficult cases. This two-day training explores issues of power in family violence; prepares coordinators to create safety measures for all participants before, during and after the family meeting; and readies community stakeholders to advance FGDM as a way to secure support and safety and end family violence.

At the end of this training participants will be able to:
  • Explain how FGDM can be used when family violence is present
  • Conduct preparation for the FGDM while also assessing for safety and the needs of all participants, especially those of the victims and offenders
  • Describe how family violence creates power imbalances in families and incorporate this understanding in family engagement strategies
  • Give examples of when it may not be safe to move forward with the conference
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the special circumstances involved with child witnesses and victim participation in FGDM to secure emotional and physical safety


Contact us for more information about this training opportunity.