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Welcome to Children's Hospital Colorado Research Institute

Established in Memory of C. Henry Kempe

Children's Colorado Research Institute









Research in childhood diseases formally began in 1978 at Children's Hospital Colorado. Today, Children's Colorado is nationally recognized for its excellence in research in the diseases of the newborn, child, and teen. While the Research Institute is affiliated with the University of Colorado, our offices are centrally located at Children's Hospital Colorado on the 2nd floor of the Administrative Pavilion. Children's Hospital Colorado Research Institute was established to facilitate the scientific and clinical investigations of our faculty and staff. Its infrastructure is composed of the following:

  1. A grants management group that is involved in all aspects of the development and execution of external funding, including preparation of budgets, protection of intellectual property, and a proper liaison between the principal investigators and the various departments at the hospital;
  2. A compliance arm that facilitates safe and ethical studies. The Research Institute serves as a focal point for the review of human subjects research;
  3. A biostatistical core that helps with study design, data acquisition, and interpretation of results. This group of experienced statisticians is available to any member of the Children's Hospital Colorado community who is in need of study design assistance; and
  4. A Clinical Informatics (CI) group that can assist PI’s with research data management. CI extracts clinical information from institutional data sources for operational and research purposes.

In addition to providing infrastructure for research, the Research Institute has assumed additional roles at Children's Colorado. Approximately eleven years ago, a Clinical Trials Organization (CTO) was established at Children's Colorado. This group facilitates industry-sponsored research at the hospital. The Research Institute acts as a financial underpinning for the CTO. Likewise, the opportunity to establish the Children's Outcome Research Program (COR) at Children's Colorado was realized when the Research Institute made a long-term commitment to offset the administrative needs of the program.


All forms, policies and procedures, and staff contacts are located on My Children's Colorado (Children's Colorado intranet) under the Research Institute Departmental website. If you need online information, but do not have access to Planet TCH, please call the RI office for assistance at 720.777.4798.


Detailed administration and statistical contact information is provided below.


One of the major activities of the Research Institute is the funding of the creative new ideas and projects of faculty and staff. The Research Institute has developed a number of funding programs for completely new ideas (Pilot Grant Awards); for the development of new faculty and staff until such time as they are ready to compete for external awards (Research Scholar Awards); for projects that help the hospital discover better ways to provide care to our patients (Quality Systems Improvement Awards); and for nurses who need assistance to translate a good idea into an active research protocol (Small Nursing Grants). In the event that an investigator loses their funding, TCHRI is available to provide temporary funds until the external source is reestablished (Bridge Fund Awards).

Between 2006 to 2008, the Research Institute awarded approximately $1.2 million each year to members of the staff and faculty. This initial investment allowed our investigators to collect the necessary preliminary data to be competitive nationally in their applications for funding to outside agencies such as NIH. Each of these external grants involves expenses ranging from fifty thousand to one million dollars and allows our scientists to make the innovative discoveries that will bring the cures of today’s diseases within our reach and provide the new treatments for children’s diseases tomorrow.

Children's Hospital Colorado Foundation and Children's Hospital Colorado Board of Directors have been key supporters of the Research Institute and its operations. Children's Colorado financial support has been instrumental in both the recruitment and retention of research faculty.

For more information about the Research Institute and the services they offer, please visit:

Contacts for Research Administration Support at Children’s Hospital Colorado

  • Dawn Ramirez, 720-777-4798,
    • For general administrative questions
  • Post Award Accounting,
    • For questions or assistance with grant accounting (this includes invoicing, grant reporting, journal entry request, fund balance information, account setup/closeout, patient care charges in EPIC)
  • Catie Deines, 720-777-5542,
    • For questions about any research related agreements (may include: Confidential Disclosure Agreements, Material Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements, etc.)
  • Aaron Mobley, 720-777-8051,
    • For questions related to starting a study at CHCO, or questions about the Children’s Research Management System (CRMS)
  • Aneesa Syed, 720-777-3351,
    • For questions or assistance with research labs (costings, requirements, results) or Research Service Requests (RSR).
  • Jeannine Duffield, 720-777-2299,
    • For questions or assistance with interpretation of COMIRB policies and procedures or interpretation of Human Subject Protection regulations, CHCO lab space, biosafety, basic science, study design, compliance, or general research questions.

Statistical Support at Children’s Colorado

  • For Junior Investigator awardees (K12, T32, etc.) within the Colorado Clinical Translational Science Institute (CCTSI): contact John Neal at the Colorado Biostatistics Consortium (CBC), Colorado School of Public Health, Building 500 (, phone 303-724-4364,

  • Statistical advice when submitting applications to the TCHRI and TCH Clinical Translational Research Center (TCH CTRC) may be obtained by e-mail and by appointment from the 4 TCHRI statisticians:

    * Jane Gralla (, phone 303-724-4359)

    * Zhaoxing Pan (, phone 303-724-4372)

    * Dexiang Gao (, phone 303-724-4356)

    * Jeri Harwood (, phone 303-724-4355)

    Quick questions, basic help, and short analyses can be obtained from the CBC Research Consulting Lab (RCL), Room 3132, 3rd Floor, Building 500 (phone 303-724-4619). The RCL is currently manned by graduate biostatistics MS and PhD students mostly from 8:00am to 6:00pm during the week. Their main focus is to assist students with their research projects. Please phone for an appointment as these get priority over “drop in” consultations.

  • Clinical Translational Science Awards (CTSA) pilot grants are awarded periodically by the CCTSI ( Statistical support will be provided for awardees. Those not funded can also apply to the TCH CTRC and/or TCHRI for statistical support.

  • Please include funds for statistical support in your grant applications!