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Application Process

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check mark.JPG All applications must be submitted through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Information on this service can be obtained through your Dean's Office. Applicants must participate in the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).
check mark.JPG ERAS application deadline is November 15. Applications are accepted via ERAS from September 15th through November 15th.
check mark.JPG ERAS applications must include:
 - Formal Medical School Transcripts
 - USMLE Transcripts
 - Personal Statement
 - A Dean's letter or MSPE
 - 3-4 letters of recommendation. All letters must be from US physicians and one from a   Neurologist.
 - Curriculum Vitae (CV)
check mark.JPG USMLE:USMLE Step I and USMLE Step II CS and CK. 

International Medical Graduates

To be seriously considered:

check mark.JPG We only accept applications submitted to us electronically through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). International medical graduates must apply to our program through an ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) office.
check mark.JPG International Medical Graduates are required to be ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) certified at the time of your application or far enough along in the application process that you will receive certification no later than February 1st of the year in which you plan to match. Please write to: ECFMG-ERAS Program, 3624 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685, U.S.A., or visit their website, to obtain the needed forms.
check mark.JPG Applicant letters of recommendation (LOR) must be from U.S. attending physicians supervising the applicant and have at least 1 letter written from a Neurologist.
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Any Visa status request will be handled on a case by case basis. 

check mark.JPG Applicant must have graduated from medical school within the last five years.
check mark.JPG The University of Colorado is unable to offer observerships or externships to anyone who has already graduated from medical school.

*Additional information regarding our core programs in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is available through their respective websites. Links located on our home page.  

For more information, please contact Ashley Runyan, Residency Program Coordinator: