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Animal Behavior Core

Director: Michael Mesches, PhD

Core Scheduling Calendar

​Neuroscience research often depends on animal models – mostly rodents. Being able to objectively quantify variations in the behavioral phenotype of those models is a cornerstone of the Neuroscience endeavor. The Animal Behavior Core provides investigators with access to high-quality behavioral testing equipment for mice and rats as well as consultation in all steps (from planning to publishing) of behavioral studies. In addition, the Animal Behavior Core provides:

  • Experimental strategy development: test selection, protocol design, and power analysis for proper selection of animal numbers.
  • Behavioral testing: on-site training, pilot testing, and coordination with the animal facility.
  • Behavioral data analysis: tracking software, statistical analysis, presentation of results.
  • New task development: the Animal Behavior Core staff is available to help develop or institute other behavioral tasks tailored to meet the needs of a specific project. 
                                         Rates (starting August 1st 2017)        
                                         CNS/IDDRC members       non-members   

consultation                                     $47.57/hr                  $ 98.43/hr


equipment fee                                  $ 63.51                      $ 116.06


set-up and training in room               $ 158.55                     $311.12


full service                                       $279.37                      $559.07


data analysis                                    $158.55/hr                  $311.12/hr



* Rates are for half-days (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm), unless otherwise indicated  

The Animal Behavior Core suite (RC1) has two rooms, one for mice (noted M in the list below), the other for rats (noted R).  The behavioral assays readily available include:  

  •  Morris and Radial Arm Water MazeM
  •  Novel Object RecognitionM,R
  •  Puzzle BoxM
  •  Barnes MazeR
  •  Fear ConditioningM,R 
  •  Habituation / DishabituationM,R
  •  Elevated Plus MazeM,R
  •  Open FieldM,R 
  •  RotarodM,R 
  • and more…   

 This wide array of behavioral assays allows the efficient testing of behavioral traits affecting cognition, emotion, and motor and sensory function.   

Questions about the Animal Behavior Core? Want to schedule a consultation?

Contact Nicolas Busquet or Michael Mesches: