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University of Colorado Center for NeuroScience Denver

Center for NeuroSurgery

Welcome to the Center for NeuroScience

CNS Annual Symposium
August 9, 2016
Hensel Phelps West Auditorium  
Schedule of Events
Brief welcome from Jeffrey Bennett, MD, PhD, CNS Associate Director of Basic/Translational Research
John Thompson, PhD
Neurophysiology of Parkinson's disease: From mouse to man
 Yogendra Raol, PhD
“TRPV1 channel: A potential therapeutic target to treat early-life seizures
 David Beckham, MD
“Mechanisms of Alpha-synuclein induced restriction of viral infections in the Central Nervous system
 Santos Franco, PhD
“Novel Interactors of the Reelin Signaling Pathway and their Potential Roles in Healthy Brain Function and
Alzheimer's Disease Pathology
Intro by Angie Ribera, PhD, CNS Associate Director for Cores
Nanoscopy:   Stephanie Meyer, PhD
Rodent InVivo Neurophysiology:Yogendra Raol, PhD
Optogenetics and Neural Engineering: Andrew Scallon 
4:00 Intro by Diego Restrepo, PhD, CNS Director
Adam Cohen, PhD
Harvard University
Neural Engineering Center
Keynote Address:
All-optical electrophysiology in neurons and the brain
5:00 Hors d’oeuvre Reception: First Floor Lobby
The Center for NeuroScience (CNS) brings together researchers, physicians and community members with a common interest in neuroscience to collaborate and share valuable resources. Our members share common goals of promoting graduate education in neuroscience, increasing both lab and clinical applications of neuroscience, and educating the community about neuroscience projects and clinical trials within the School of Medicine.

Those interested specifically in the education arm of the Neuroscience program, go to the Neuroscience Graduate Training Program website.



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