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Does Marijuana help Parkinson disease?

​You can read frequently asked questions here​.

October 26, 2019: 6th Annual Parkinson Disease Symposium

​You can watch the entire Symposium on our playlist. Or, click below to see individual presentations.

  1. ​Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy, Rebekah Stewart
  2. Welcome and 2019 MDC Recap, Lauren Seeberger, MD, FAAN
  3. PD Etiology and Medications, Teresa Lee, MD
  4. Genetics and PD, Lisa Deuel, MD
  5. Hospital Stays and Surgeries Following a PD Diagnosis, Michelle Fullard, MD, MSCE and Jessica Barr, PAC
  6. Reconnect With Your Body, Sarah Leversee
  7. Two Common Eye & Vision Problems Associated with Parkinsonism, Erin Van Dok, OD
  8. What's Going on in PD Research, Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
  9. Not So Easy to Hide: Opportunities for Sex & Intimacy within the Challenges of Parkinson Disease, Susan Coates
  10. LSVT, Jen Walentas Lewon
  11. Sleep and PD​, Brian Berman, MD, MS, FAAN
Click here​ to see the slides from the symposium. 

May 2, 2019: 2nd Annual Huntington's Disease Care and Research Conference

Click here for a list of websites and other resources.

  1. Introduction to the 2nd Annual Huntington's Disease Care and Research Conference
  2. Huntington's Disease Society of AmericaKathleen Bates
  3. Art of Living Well: Improving QoL in HD through Supportive CareDr. Christina Vaughan
  4. Keynote Address Huntington's Disease: The Long View, Dr. Martha Nance
  5. The Art of Medication Management, Jacci Bainbridge and Sarah Fischer
  6. State of the Art in Research, Dr. Lauren Seeberger
  7. State of the Art in Research, Dr. Isabelle Buard
  8. Art in Healing​, Amy Jones, MA, LPC, ATR

November 14, 2018: New Research, Medication, and CBD Oil in Parkinson's with Dr. Trevor Hawkins, ​ The Parkinson's Podcast presented by Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's  Dr. Hawkins talks about the current medications, research, and trials for Parkinson's disease. 


November 7, 2018: Parkinson Medications that Treat Motor Symptoms with Dr. Trevor HawkinsThe Parkinson's Podcast presented by Davis Phinney Foundation for Parkinson's Dr. Hawkins talks about the main types of medications used to treat motor symptoms of Parkinson disease. 

​November 3, 2018: ​Challenges and Findings of Studying Cannabis in Parkinson Disease, ​Perspectives in Cannabis Research and Education by CORE Network ​​

October 27, 2018: 5th Annual Parkinson Disease Symposium

  1. Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy, Rebekah Stewart, MA, MT-BC
  2. Parkinson's Disease Etiology, Pathology, and Treatment, Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
  3. What to Expect When the Unexpected Happens, Christen Epstein, FNP and Jessica Barr, PAC
  4. Not All is as It Seems: Hallucinations and Delusions in Parkinson's Disease, Samantha Holden, MD, MS
  5. LSVT LOUD & LSVT BIG, Emily Nauman, MA, CCC-SLP
  6. Technology for Parkinson's Disease, Michelle Fullard, MD, MSCE and Trevor Hawins, MD
  7. Advanced Treatments for Parkinson's Disease,​ Drew Kern, MD, MS (Video available soon.)
  8. Reconnect with Your Body,​ Sarah Leversee (Video available soon.)
  9. Sleep and Parkinson's Disease,​ Stephen Duntley, MD (Video available soon.)
  10. Questions and Answers

The slides from the day can be viewed here.


October 23, 2018: Parkinson Association of the Rockies Boulder Support Group Panel Discussion 
with Dr. Brian Berman, Dr. Drew Kern, Dr. Christina Vaughan, and Dr. Heather Baer.  

May 5, 2018: HD Care and Research Conference Talks

  1. Genetics and Genetic Testing in Huntington's Disease, Emily Todd, MS, CGC
  2. Mind Like a Merry-Go-Round: What is Preservation and What Can we Do About It? , Erica (Kristen) Rapp, MD
  3. Physical Therapy, Sarah Poinsky-McCoy, PT, DPT & Rene Peter, PT, DPT
  4. Rehabilitative Rhythms Music Therapy, Rebekah Stewart, MA, MT-BC
  5. Supportive and Palliative Care for Huntington's Disease, Benzi Kluger, MD, MS
  6. Targeted Research in Huntington's Disease: Hitting the Bullseye?, Lauren Seeberger, MD


March 2, 2018: 77-Year-Old Coloradan with Parkinson's Does an About Face on Marijuana on CBS Denver

Dr. Maureen Leehey talks about her study which is measuring the effects of CBD oil on patients with Parkinson's disease.


February 17, 2018: Live on the Radio on No Copay Radio

Dr. Drew Kern talks about the features and complexities of Parkinson's disease.


September 30, 2017: 4th Annual Parkinson Disease Symposium

  1. 2017 Symposium Welcome, Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
  2. Etiology & Pathology of Parkinson Disease, Maureen Leehey, MD, FAAN
  3. Medication Management of Parkinson Disease, Christopher Groth, MD
  4. Reconnect with Your Body, Art as Action!
  5. Self Image and Coping for Parkinson Disease, Christina Vaughan, MD
  6. Exercise is Medicine, Renee Peter, PT, DPT, ATC, NCS
  7. Physical Therapy, Lee Bernhardt, PT, DPT
  8. SmartApps for PD, Trevor Hawkins, MD
  9. Symposium Morning Q&A, Panel discussion
  10. Nutrition and Complementary Therapies for Parkinson Disease, Lisa Corbin, MD
  11. Sleep & Fatigue, Benzi Kluger, MD, MS
  12. LSVT, Emily Nauman
  13. Deep Brain Stimulation, Olga Klepitskaya, MD, FAAN
  14. Other Advanced Treatment for Parkinson Disease, Drew Kern, MD, MS
  15. Rehabilitative Rhythms, Rebekah Stewart
  16. New & Upcoming Treatments for Parkinson Disease, Brian Berman, MD, MS
  17. Constipation & PD, Lauren Seeberger, MD, FAAN
  18. Sex & PD, Maureen Leehey, MD FAAN


May 15, 2017: Live on the Radio on No Copay Radio

Dr. Benzi Kluger explains the Neurology Supportive Palliative Care Clinic, a relatively new program dedicated to changing the healthcare model to better help patients and families.


July 20, 2016: UCHealth Motivational Stories: Then and Now

Watch the before and after story of a MDC patient who undergoes deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's disease. Watch the abbreviated commercial here.