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Brain and Tissue Bank Donation

Donation Information

Brain and Tissue Donation

If you're interested in being a brain or tissue donor, please click on the links below for more information or contact the Office of Decedent Affairs at 720-848-4356. By being a donor you are helping work towards a cure for future patients and facilitating research throughout the field.

Brain and Tissue Donation Information.pdfNeurologic Disease Autopsy and Donations For Medical Science.pdf

Funeral Directory 2012.pdfFuneral Directory 2014.pdf

For additional information on brain tissue programs, visit the Harvard Brain Tissue Research Center.
For brain tissue donation specific to Parkinson's disease, visit the Parkinson's Disease Foundation website.
For Brain tissue programs specific to dystonia, visit the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation website.

For brain tissue programs specific to Tourette Syndrome, visit the Tourette Syndrome Association  website.​