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Making a Donation

Movement Disorders Center

Private gifts are an investment that hasten the pace of progress in the fight against diseases that cause movement disorders and other neurological problems.

Here are five reasons to support the University of Colorado Movement Disorders Center:
(1) With your help, lives are changed. Support from patients, families and friends enables physicians to conduct research projects based on observations and theories developed directly from patient care. Such investigator-initiated projects typically do not receive major grant support until substantive data can be presented.
(2) You make possible critical discoveries. At the Anschutz Medical Campus, physicians team with scientists to increase our understanding of sickness and health. Because federal funding for research continues to decline, private support is more important than ever to sustain leading-edge science.
(3) You sustain exceptional education. Our physicians are also educators, who are equipping the next generation of movement disorders specialists to provide superior care for the patients who will seek out their expertise.
(4) You help your physicians develop a nationally-recognized Center. Becoming one the nation’s elite movement disorders centers requires a commitment to patient care, research (basic, translational, clinical), and education. Private gifts give physicians the discretionary funding they need to bring together all these pieces.
(5) You help other patients for generations to come. Gifts today keep giving to patients who will seek care here in the many decades ahead through state-of-the-art medicine, leading-edge science, and compassionate care.
For information about ways you can give, please contact the University of Colorado Development Office, 303-724-8227.