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$1M Grant Advances Promising Leukine® Clinical Trial

​Dr. Huntington Potter and his team were recently awarded a total of $1 million over two years from the Alzheimer’s Association to advance the Leukine® trial to further assess the potential of slowing or even stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Part of the Alzheimer’s Association’s Part the Cloud Challenge on Neuroinflammation initiative, this grant was awarded to speed investigation of new and innovative approaches to Alzheimer’s disease treatment, including those that target neuroinflammation. CU Anschutz was one of four award-winners – along with the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute in Spain; the University of California, Davis; and Longeveron, LLC, in Florida. After the initial two-year funding period, the research project showing the most viable translation into advanced clinical trials will receive an additional award of up to $3 million to further therapy development.
This $1 million award will enable Dr. Potter to start to take his pilot human Leukine® trial into a longer Phase II trial, slated for launch by October. Ultimately, his team hopes to enroll 42 people with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease into a 24-week treatment and 45 day follow up study aimed at determining whether Leukine® can help slow or possibly reverse disease-related brain changes and cognitive decline. Because Leukine® is already FDA-approved to treat other conditions, significant safety data already exist; this study will build on those data and will greatly expand the potential to detect beneficial effects of Leukine® in people with Alzheimer’s disease. If successful, this work could provide the foundation for testing Leukine® in large-scale clinical trials, and, ultimately, make it available on a broader scale that could impact countless lives.
A strong community of benefactor support for Alzheimer’s disease research at CU Anschutz helped Dr. Potter and his team build a clinical research infrastructure and collect compelling preliminary data, that further demonstrate the promise of Leukine® in the ongoing pilot human clinical trial. Without your generous investments, his successful application for the Part the Cloud grant and matching funding would not have been possible. Thank you for helping to advance this vital research initiative with incredible potential for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and their families.