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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center​

Building Momentum toward a Solution



Meet Us

The team behind RMADC includes neuroscience researchers from the University of Colorado School of Medicine and behavioral neurology specialists from the University of Colorado Hospital. Team members share investigative passion and personal commitment to help today’s dementia patients, and to discover effective new treatments, preventative therapies and a cure.


Get Care

The RMADC Memory Disorders Clinic offers patients cross-disciplinary interactions with practitioners from the neurology, psychiatry and neurosurgery departments, with a strong focus on preparing the next generation of Alzheimer’s disease doctors and nurses. The clinic provides high-quality patient care and opens opportunities for people to participate in dementia-related clinical trials.  


Connect to Research

Our research depends on patient volunteers who have a heartfelt devotion to finding answers to solve the dementia questions before another generation loses half its members to these neurodegenerative diseases. Participants are needed for observational studies that follow people over time and for clinical trials that test new drugs for safety and efficacy.


Find Resources

RMADC provides a wide range of campus and community resources that inform, educate, link, refer, support and inspire. We want patients and their loved ones to learn as much as they can about their brain health. With our community partners across Colorado, we help form a network of connections that deepens the knowledge base and support systems around Down syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Huntington Potter, PhD
Director of Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Living Our Mission to Find a Cure

“We’ve Come Far. We’re Headed Further.”


Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Alzheimer’s Disease Center website. Alzheimer’s disease is taking an increasingly significant toll on millions of Americans, both financially and emotionally. At the RMADC, we have assembled many of the most esteemed physicians and researchers in the field to tackle the puzzle of Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to their expertise and national reputations, the rise of CU Anschutz and University of Colorado Hospital in national rankings, and the support of generous private philanthropists we are attracting other bright minds from around the globe to join them in their endeavors. Our mission: to engage with patients today through compassionate, patient-centered care that incorporates the latest findings, while exploring numerous avenues with great potential for speeding breakthrough treatments for Alzheimer’s disease. To that end, we point to these accomplishments:

  • broadening our understanding of the link between AD and Down syndrome
  • studying the FDA-approved drug Leukine, which stopped and reversed Alzheimer’s disease in animal models
  • expanding the number of practitioners in our clinic who are trained in dementia care, allowing us to see more patients
  • reaching to the adult Down syndrome community with new care options
  • examining the potential impact of caffeine and certain vitamins on dementia
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