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Name & Title Clinical Subspecialty Research
Alpogianis, Katherine E., MMS, PA-C
Neurohospitalist Brain plasticity and localizing injury in the nervous system
Alvarez, Enrique, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor and Director, Outpatient Services
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and related conditions Immunotherapies and biomarkers in MS and related diseases
Anderson, Alan, MD
Professor of Neurology; Vice Chair of Education; Director, Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Fellowship
Emergency neurology, behavioral neurology and stroke Neuropsychiatric syndromes and stroke prevention
Baca, Christine M., MD, MSHS
Associate Professor
Epilepsy Access to care, health disparities, quality of care and heath outcomes for persons with epilepsy
Barr, Jessica, PA-C
Senior Instructor
Movement disorders
Barry, Megan M., DO
Assistant Professor
Young Adult Stroke, Pediatric Stroke, Cryptogenic Stroke Etiology, prevention and acute treatment of stroke in children and young adult
Bashore, Taylor, NP
Epilepsy Improvement of quality of life and treatment pre- and post- surgery for epilepsy patients
Bennett, Jeffrey L., MD, PhD
Gertrude Gilden Professor for Neurodegenerative Disease Research; Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology
Neuro-Ophthalmology Antigen identification in optic neuritis and ocular inflammatory disorders
Berk, Julie J., MS, PA-C
Senior Instructor
Neuro-Palliative care Improving quality of life for those suffering with chronic neurologic disease and their families
Berman, Brian D., MD, MS
Associate Professor
Movement disorders Etiology and pathophysiology of movement disorders including Parkinson disease and dystonia
Bernard, Martine, MD
Clinical electrophysiology (EEG, EMG): Epilepsy and neuromuscular diseases
Bettcher, Brianne M., PhD, ABPP-CN
Assistant Professor and Director of Neuropsychology Research, University of Colorado Alzheimer’s and Cognition Center
Neuropsychology Immune biomarkers of cognitive aging and Alzheimer’s disease
Birlea, Marius, MD
Assistant Professor and Director, Headache Fellowship
Headache Medicine Alphaherpesviruses and headache, migraine and inflammation, headache epidemiology
Bosque, Patrick J., MD
Associate Professor and Chief of Neurology, Denver Health Medical Center
Movement disorders Prion diseases of humans and animals, and neurodegenerative diseases
Brown, Mesha-Gay, MD
Assistant Professor
Epilepsy Improving the localization of epileptic networks for surgery and devices as a treatment of epilepsy. Health quality and effectiveness research.
Buard, Isabelle, PhD
Assistant Research Professor
Movement Disorders and Motor Impairments Cortical biomarkers of motor impairments, Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Neurologic Music Therapy for motor rehabilitation
Burke, Haley, A., MD
Associate Clinical Professor
Headache Medicine, craniofacial pain, interventional pain management Ketamine use for neuropathic pain states and opioid induced hyperalgesia
Cardinal, Dayna, NP
Senior Instructor
Quality improvement and safety in patient outcomes
Clarke, Penny, PhD
Research Professor
  Investigation of mechanism of reovirus-induced apoptosis
Cohrs, Randall J., PhD
Research Professor
  Analysis of varicella zoster virus latency
Corboy, John R., MD
Charles Elliot Morris Chair in Neurology; Professor and Executive Vice Chair of Neurology; Director, Neuroimmunology/MS Fellowship; Co-Director, Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Immunotherapies and biomarkers in MS, identification of individuals at high risk of MS, and defining risk of therapy discontinuation
Coutts, Dana M., PA-C
Senior Instructor
Damek, Denise M., MD
Associate Professor and Director, Neuro-Oncology Fellowship
Neuro-Oncology Experimental drug therapy of central nervous system tumors
Darrow, Kelly, NP
Senior Instructor
Behavioral neurology
DeStefano, Sam F., MD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Epilepsy Fellowship
Epilepsy Neurostimulation
Quality improvement in the epilepsy monitoring unit
Dixon, Stacy E., MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Neuromuscular disease, NCS/EMG Treating young adults with spinal muscular atrophy
Drees, Cornelia N., MD
Associate Professor
Adult Epilepsy
Intraoperative Monitoring
Surgical treatment of epilepsy, including hemispherectomy, in adults. Practice improvement in epilepsy, improving treatment of status epilepticus. Anticonvulsant effects of SSRIs.
Duntley, Stephen P., MD
Sleep Medicine Sleep Medicine
Filley, Christopher M., MD
Professor of Neurology and Senior Scientific Advisor, Marcus Institute for Brain Health
Behavioral neurology including Alzheimer's disease (AD) and traumatic brain injury Neurobehavioral aspects of white matter disorders
Foster, Laura A., MD
Assistant Professor
Neuromuscular Medicine
Palliative Care
ALS quality of life improvement
Frey, Lauren C., MD
Epilepsy Dr. Frey’s research interests include how mind-body and lifestyle interventions can affect seizure control and quality of life in people whose seizures are not completely controlled by seizure medications.
Fridman, Vera, MD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Medical Student Education
Neuromuscular diseases Therapies for hereditary nerve disorders (Charcot Marie Tooth Disease)
Fullard, Michelle, MD, MSCE
Assistant Professor
Movement Disorders Health services, health outcomes, and use of technology to improve symptom monitoring and access to care in Parkinson’s disease.
Gilden, Donald H., MD
Neuroinfections Varicella zoster virus latency and pathogenesis
Gross, Robert H., MD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Neuroimmunology/MS Fellowship
Multiple sclerosis and related disorders Immunotherapies and biomarkers in MS
Hadipour-Niktarash, Arash, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor
Epilepsy Video-EEG monitoring, ICU-EEG, electrocorticography, functional cortical mapping and evoke potentials
Hawkins, Trevor H., MD
Assistant Professor
Movement Disorders Ataxia with special interest in genetic forms, clinical trials in movement disorders
Hennessy, Carol, MSN
Senior Instructor
Behavorial Neurology
Stroke treatment, Parkinson's disease, and integrative approaches to chronic illness
Holden, Samantha K., MD, MS
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Behavioral Neurology & Neuropsychiatry Fellowship
Behavioral Neurology and Movement Disorders Cognitive and behavioral symptoms of parkinsonian conditions, non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, improving quality of life in dementia
Hughes, Richard L., MD
Professor and Program Director, Neurohospitalist Fellowship
Stroke and critical care Cerebrovascular Disease, Aneurysms, Fibromuscular Dysplasia and other Vasculopathies, Stroke Center and Stroke System development, Consultative Neurology
Jones, William J., MD
Associate Professor and Director of Inpatient Services, Neurohospitalist Program, and Mobile Stroke Treatment Unit
Kelly, James P., MD
Professor and Executive Director, Marcus Institute for Brain Health
Behavioral neurology, traumatic brain injury and concussion TBI in military personnel and sports-related concussion
Kern, Drew, MD, MS
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Outpatient Services
Movement disorders Biomarkers in parkinsonism, deep brain stimulation, clinical trials in movement disorders
Korb, Pearce J., MD, MHPE
Associate Professor and Director, Medical Student Clerkship; Director, Epilepsy Fellowship
Epilepsy, Neurohospitalist Medicine Clinical epilepsy, EEG in critical care, advanced imaging techniques for refractory epilepsy, education and curriculum design
Krause, Rajee, NP
Epilepsy Improving care through treatments for epilepsy patients and patients with non-epileptic seizures
LeDuc, Kindra, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Neuro-Oncology Targeted therapies for high grade gliomas
Leehey, Maureen A., MD
Movement disorders and Botox therapy FMR1 related neurodegeneration and clinical trials in movement disorders
Leppert, Michelle Hu, MD, MBA
Assistant Professor
Maa, Edward H., MD
Associate Professor
Adult epilepsy and epilepsy surgery Dr. Maa's research interests include High Altitude Seizures and other neurological conditions, Complementary and Alternative Medicines for the treatment of epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures, and Diuretics for the treatment of epilepsy
Mahalingam, Ravi, PhD
Research Professor
  Immunobiology of varicella virus infections in the nervous system
McConnell, Brice V., MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
Behavioral Neurology Sleep and neurodegenerative disease, and non-invasive brain stimulation
McDermott, Danielle, MD, MS
Assistant Professor
Epilepsy Surgical treatment of epilepsy, including Neuromodulation. Utilization of electronic medical records linked with patient registries to facilitate prospective analysis of treatment paradigms.
McMenamin, Constance, FNP-C
Multiple Sclerosis Clinical trials to advance Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
Monteith, Christopher J., MMSc, PA-C
General Neurology
Childhood obesity and secondary hypertension
Nagel, Maria A., MD
Associate Professor
Consultative neurology, postherpetic neuralgia, and CNS infectious diseases Varicella zoster virus latency and reactivation
Ndahayo, Kimberly, MSN, FNP-C
Epilepsy Patient education and autonomy of self-care for patients and families living with epilepsy
Ney, Douglas E., MD
Associate Professor and Director, Residency Training Program
Neuro-Oncology Novel treatments for central nervous system tumors, primary central nervous system lymphoma, neurologic complications of cancer and histiocytic disorders. Quality of life and patient reported outcomes for patients with brain tumors.
O’Banion, Darcy, CNS, AGCNS-BC
Senior Instructor
Stroke Neurohospitalist Outcomes following stroke; quality improvement
O’Brien, Chantal M., MD
Associate Professor
Epilepsy Interested in Epilepsy Surgery Quality Improvement projects and participation in clinical trials of novel anti-epileptics
O'Reilly, Debra, MS, PA-C
Senior Instructor
Neuromuscular Diseases Clinical trials for the treatment of ALS and Myasthenia Gravis
Orjuela, Karen D., MD, MS
Assistant Professor and Associate Program Director, Neurohospitalist Fellowship
Cryptogenic stroke, secondary stroke prevention, inherited cerebrovascular disorders, stroke in children and young adults. Stroke disparities and stroke systems of care.
Owens, Gregory P., PhD
Research Professor
  Role of the B cell response in multiple sclerosis (MS)
Pastula, Daniel M., MD, MHS
Associate Professor of Neurology, Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and Epidemiology; Director, Neuro Infectious Diseases Fellowship
Neurohospitalist Medicine Neuroepidemiology, public health, neuro-infectious diseases, vector-borne and arboviral diseases, neurotoxicology
Pearson, Scott E., PA-C
Senior Instructor
Epilepsy Treatment of refractory seizures with surgery and/or medical devices
Pelak, Victoria S., MD
Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology; Director, Neuro-Ophthalmology Fellowship
Neuro-Ophthalmology Effects of aging and dementia on visual processing
Percowycz, Alison, NP
Senior Instructor
Headache and Pain Medicine
Piquet, Amanda L., MD
Assistant Professor and Associate Director, Residency Training Program
Autoimmune Neurology and Neuroimmunology Improvement of diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune neurological diseases and multiple sclerosis
Poisson, Sharon N., MD
Associate Professor and Co-Director, Stroke Services; Director, Vascular Neurology Fellowship
Etiology, prevention and treatment of stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA), stroke in young adults
Pope, Brandon S., MD
Assistant Professor; Neuroscience Chief and Stroke Medical Director, UCHealth Highlands Ranch Hospital
Neurohospitalist Quality and process improvement, telehealth, high value care
Potter, Huntington, PhD
Kurt N. and Edith von Kaulla Memorial Professor of Neurology; Vice Chair of Basic Research; Director, University of Colorado Alzheimer’s and Cognition Center
Dr. Potter discovered and is devoted to studying (1) the development of trisomy 21 and other aneuploidy and Alzheimer’s Disease and (2) the role of apolipoprotein E in Alzheimer’s disease
Pratt, Robert W., MD
Assistant Professor
Neuromuscular disorders, acute stroke therapies Investigation of stroke therapy to decrease time to treatment
Pressman, Peter S., MD
Assistant Professor
Cognitive and Behavioral Neurology Communication and emotion in neurodegenerative diseases, particularly the frontotemporal dementias
Quan, Dianna, MD
Professor and Director, Neuromuscular Fellowship
Neuromuscular diseases, NCV/EMG Clinical trials for the treatment of familial amyloid polyneuropathy, ALS, myasthenia gravis, and neuromuscular dysfunction in critical illness
Ralston, Nicole, PA-C
Epilepsy Managing comorbid psychiatric conditions with epilepsy such as depression and anxiety. Understanding how the modified Atkins diet affects seizure frequency.
Reynek, Jeff, DNP
Senior Instructor
Headache Medicine Effects of headaches on daily life, diagnosis and management of head pain conditions
Ringel, Steven P., MD
Professor Emeritus
Neuromuscular diseases
Salehi Omran, Setareh, MD
Assistant Professor
Vascular Neurology Stroke in young adults, stroke epidemiology
Scharein, Jessica, DNP, NP-C
Headache Medicine Treatment of acute primary headaches in the emergency department, medication overuse headaches
Schreiner, Teri L., MD, MPH
Associate Professor
Neuroimmunology Pediatric demyelinating diseases
Seeberger, Lauren C., MD
Associate Professor and Director, Movement Disorders Center and Movement Disorders Fellowship
Movement Disorders Clinical research of new therapies and treatments in movement disorders
Shrestha, Archana A., MD
Associate Professor
Epilepsy Women’s issues in epilepsy including contraception and pregnancy. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) scans in patients with epilepsy. Refractory epilepsy and epilepsy surgery. Research interests also includes EEG monitoring in the ICU and international studies in epilepsy.
Sillau, Stefan H., PhD
Biostatistics, study design, and data analysis
Simpson, Jennifer R., MD
Associate Professor and Director, Quality Improvement
Stroke and Quality Improvement
Sladek, John R., Jr, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Pediatrics and Neuroscience
  Fetal and human stem cell repair of the brain for Parkinson disease and related neurodegenerative disorders
Spitz, Mark C., MD
Reuler-Lewin Family Professor
Epilepsy and seizure disorders Clinical trials for treatment of seizure disorders
Strom, Laura A., MD
Associate Professor
Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology Autonomic dysfunction and apena in patients with refractory epilepsy
Tsai, Jean C., MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Sleep disorders Neurobiology of sleep disorders
Tyler, Kenneth L., MD
Louise Baum Endowed Professor and Chair
Infectious diseases of CNS Neurovirology. Mechanisms of virus-induced injury to the CNS. Diagnosis and treatment of CNS viral infections caused by West Nile, herpesviruses, and PML.
Vaughan, Christina L., MD, MHS
Associate Professor
Movement disorders, hospice/palliative medicine, neuro-palliative care Optimization of multi-disciplinary care models for those with advanced and end-stage neurologic disease
Vollmer, Timothy L., MD
Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Research; Co-Director, Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Immunotherapies in MS and investigator initiated clinical trials focusing on the optimization of current therapies and combinations of therapies using quantitative MRI as a key outcome assessment. We are also interested in research on the MOA of current and future MS therapies and on reprogramming regulatory B lymphocytes into regulatory cell types targeting CNS antigens as a therapeutic approach to MS and related disorders. These projects are conducted in collaboration with certain basic science laboratories at UCD.
Walczyk, Allison, DNP, AGNP-BC
Etiology and treatment of autoimmune neurologic diseases and post-graduate training of Advanced Practice Providers in Neurology
Wall, Anastacia L., PA-C
Senior Instructor
Multiple Sclerosis Immunotherapies for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients and quality of life in patients with demyelinating diseases
West, Matthew S., MD
Assistant Professor; Neurology Service Chief, Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center; and Associate Director, Residency Training Program
Neurohospitalist Medicine
Multiple Sclerosis/ Neuroimmunology
Medical Education, Inpatient Neurology Stroke Treatment and Quality Improvement, Multiple Sclerosis Therapies
Wicklund, Matthew P., MD
Professor and Director, Clinical Neuromuscular Pathology Fellowship
Neuromuscular medicine, NCS/EMG Neuromuscular medicine with specific interests in genetic and acquired muscle diseases
Wilhour, Danielle, MD
Assistant Professor
Quality improvement, medication overuse headaches, migraine and pregnancy
Wilson, Stacey A., PA-C, MMS
Epilepsy Improvement of treatment for those with non-epileptic seizures
Yum, Alma, MD
Assistant Professor
Epilepsy Epilepsy