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Health Researchers Quietly Tackle the Opioid Epidemic’s Hidden Crisis

Deborah Rinehart, researcher at Denver Health, a public hospital affiliated with the CU School of Medicine, is studying a similar approach.

Does your doctor get big bucks from a drug company? These central Pa. docs receive $100,000+

Research shows that doctors on the payrolls of drug or medical device companies are likely to prescribe that company’s product -- even if it’s not the best option for the patient, says Eric G. Campbell.

Study: Cardiac arrest major cause of death among immigrants with limited access to ESKD care

“It is not uncommon for patients on EOHD [emergency-only hemodialysis] to report frequent near-death experiences because of this requirement,” wrote lead author Lilia Cervantes.

CU Anschutz Awarded $8 Million For Research Cooperative On Palliative, End-Of-Life Care

“The PCRC [Palliative Care Research Cooperative Group] has developed key resources and infrastructure that are facilitating conduct of high quality palliative care research and fostering an interdisciplinary community of investigators,” said Jean Kutner

After Shocks: Protocols & Programming Will Be Key to Optimizing ICD Use

“The low rate of percutaneous coronary intervention suggests that many of the cardiac catheterizations may not have been clinically necessary,” wrote Ryan T. Borne, and Pamela N. Peterson.

Amid the opioid crisis, some seriously ill people risk losing drugs they depend on

Doctors are in the middle of a turnabout, said Matthew Wynia, director of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

In diabetes with CVD, traditional risk factor modification remains top priority

“The number 1 fact that we all have to contend with when we’re thinking about cardiovascular disease and diabetes is shortened life expectancy,” said Jane E.B. Reusch.

New ASGE president hopes to expand leadership training, promote innovation

Last month, the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy selected Steven A. Edmundowicz, of the CU School of Medicine, as its new president.

Patients with RA find PGA-VAS confusing, unreliable for ranking disease states

“This study is important because it shows that many of our subjects found the widely used visual analog scale patient global assessments (PGA-VAS) instrument confusing,” said Joel Hirsh

What does the big Adams County recycling fire mean for air quality?

A large plume of smoke was visible across the Denver metro area Tuesday afternoon after a fire broke out at a recycling facility in unincorporated Adams County.

8 foods cardiologists try to avoid

Diet is incredibly important, noted Andrew Freeman, director of cardiovascular prevention and wellness at National Jewish Health, and a member of the American College of Cardiology’s Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease Section Leadership Council.

Are you eating too much avocado?

Yes, avocados have healthy fat, but you can have too much of a good thing, nutritionists say.

Man In Constant Pain Trades Opioids For Alternative Therapies

With psychologist Meredith Shefferman at UCHealth Integrative Medicine Center he does biofeedback and meditation. “You can learn to actually sit with pain without all the mental anguish and despair,” said Shefferman.

No Greater Amputation Risk with Canagliflozin in T2D Patients

“I think this is to some extent reassuring,” commented Robert Eckel, of the CU Anschutz Medical Campus. Eckel, who was not involved with the study, cautioned that a randomized clinical trial is needed to confirm these observed findings.

June 22 The Week in Pharmacy: ADA Hosting 78th Scientific Sessions

The American Diabetes Association will honor 4 leaders in advancing diabetes care, education, and research as recipients of the Professional Interest Group Awards at its 78th Scientific Sessions.

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

A new program developed by a research team focuses on diet, exercise, and sleep as the keys to lowering your blood pressure without using drugs.

6 Signs Your Excessive Burping Might Not Be Totally Normal

Aerophasia doesn’t mean you’re sick; it’s a condition that you can fix by changing your behaviors (like cutting back on the soda or chewing with your mouth closed).

Take Two Sonnets and Call Me in the Morning

Dr. Lawrence Hergott, a medical professor at the University of Colorado, shared how poetry helped him cope with loss. His poem “The Teardrop Approach,” details his experience suffering the loss of his son in a plane crash.

Camping with Asthma: How to Prepare and What to Pack

The thought of summer activities such as camping is an exciting one, but managing asthma in an outdoor setting can be challenging, especially if you aren’t prepared.

Young Mother With Lung Cancer Raising Funds for Research

A young mother of two is determined to raise money for lung cancer research. Emily Daniels is coming together for cancer patients after being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer while pregnant in her 30s.