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Five questions for Brandon Combs

Clinician-educator’s Do No Harm effort takes on medical overuse

Broncos Fever cases increasing in Colorado

UCHealth, official healthcare partner of the Denver Broncos, warns about condition for which there is no known cure

New drug trial shows promise in fighting cancer for CO woman

“For many people immunotherapy is much better tolerated than chemotherapy,” said Jennifer Diamond, the director of clinical trials at UC Health.

Seven-year study pays off with ‘most detailed’ picture of head and neck cancer stem cells to date

Cancer stem cells resist therapy and are a major cause of relapse, long after the bulk of a tumor has been killed

CU School of Medicine exec to lead new Texas cancer research center

UT's Dell Medical School has named S. Gail Eckhardt, head of the Division of Medical Oncology at the CU School of Medicine, to head its new Livestrong Cancer Institutes at the Austin-based medical school as inaugural director and an associate dean.

Major rheumatoid arthritis prevention trial underway at UCH

CU-led national study to see if early detection can lead to prevention

Surprise donation a jump start for Mobile Stroke Program

Kelly Schneiderman expresses gratitude for the care UCH provided his father by donating a much-needed SUV

Many with diabetes missing out on statins

Robert Eckel, past president of the American Heart Association and professor at the CU School of Medicine, said: “I perhaps thought 15 or 20 percent of patients with diabetes would not be on statin therapy. This is almost 40 percent. That’s unacceptable.”

Pneumonia: What does Clinton’s affliction say about her health?

David Beuther, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health, says that for patients with atypical pneumonia, dehydration — a natural response to almost any infection — is often the first sign of a problem.

Gaps In Care Persist During Transition From Hospital To Home

Alton Rodgers had just come in from gardening when he suddenly blacked out and collapsed on the floor. The 89-year-old Kentucky native spent about 10 days at Palomar Hospital, where doctors told him a build-up of fluid around his heart was the culprit.

How To Fight For Yourself At The Hospital — And Avoid Readmission

Everything initially went well with Barbara Charnes’ surgery to fix a troublesome ankle. But after leaving the hospital, the 83-year-old soon found herself in a bad way.

A device to cap chemo hair loss

University of Colorado Hospital is the first in the state to offer the DigniCap, an FDA-approved scalp-cooling device designed to slow hair loss from chemotherapy

Technology at UCHealth helps save hair during chemotherapy

Phyllis Sanchez, a mammographer in New Mexico, learned on her birthday she has breast cancer.

Venerable brain-cancer cell line faces identity crisis

Samples of the cell line do not match its 50-year-old source ― but how the mix-up occurred is a mystery.

Center for Personalized Medicine aims to boost biobank deposits, spur genetic research

Patients in all University of Colorado Hospital clinics and units will soon be offered consent forms to contribute blood samples to UCHealth’s DNA Biorepository

New UCH heart failure specialist takes the pulse of LVADs

William Cornwell, MD, plans to examine the possible unintended effects of the powerful pumps that help patients with failing hearts

Don’t be fooled

Patient advises others to get heart health checked even if they have a healthy lifestyle

Reducing obesity through new bariatric procedures

“There are a significant number of complications that are eliminated, such as leaks after surgery where there’s actually a hole in the intestine causing contents to spill,” Edmundowicz said.

Young Mother Treated For Breast Cancer While Pregnant

A young couple from Littleton is overjoyed with the birth of their second daughter. They are thankful for both baby and mother. That’s because Tess Carruth was treated for breast cancer while pregnant.

Experimental cancer treatment offers hope at University of Colorado Hospital

DENVER -- He was given no chance to survive his cancer, and doctors were talking about putting him in hospice care.