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IMAGE considers how to get the best out of aging

The aging process can lead to changes in the human body, but lifestyle choices can dictate the health of a person, especially when it comes to chronic disease and disabilities.

Health Services Research Grant Recipient Selected

The Department of Medicine has selected the first recipient of its new Health Services Research Development Grant program.

Hospital streamlines TB tracking

A quality-improvement initiative at University of Colorado Hospital has reduced dramatically the average time patients at low risk for tuberculosis (TB) spend in airborne isolation units to rule out the disease.

Transformational Research Funding

CU School of Medicine Dean John J. Reilly, Jr., MD, announced five proposals that will receive funding under the School’s Transformational Research Funding awards.

Tough Workouts 'May Not Lead to Weight Loss’

Edward Melanson, from the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, says “the public health message is not going to change one bit” because working out can help prevent diabetes, keep blood pressure under control and reduce stress.

Zika virus: Prevention is key

The World Health Organization, on Feb. 1, announced the Zika virus outbreak in the Americas is now a public health emergency of international concern.

DOM Research Bridge Award Recipient Selected

The Department of Medicine has selected Tânia Reis, PhD, of the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes, to receive a grant through its Research Bridge Program.

Storm chasers converge on Norman over weekend to discuss safety tips

Chasing tornadoes is addicting for some, but it can also be dangerous. At the 2016 ChaserCon this weekend, Jason Persoff combined medical expertise with storm chaser humor to present serious topics of concern to health and safety.

Colorectal cancer drivers differ between younger and older patients

It shows “distinct genetic differences” in tumors sampled from younger and older colorectal cancer patients, says investigator Christopher Lieu, assistant professor of medical oncology at the CU School of Medicine.

Woman loses 6 stone after documenting weight loss on Instagram

“People don’t realize how many calories they are obtaining from caloric beverages and snacks, and these can be easy interventions … that can help reduce calories,” Victoria Catenacci, assistant professor of medicine at CU told WebMD.

JAMDA study IDs readmission spike

“Patients who experienced readmission during their stay in a post-acute care facility were less likely to return to the community,” says lead author Robert Burke.

Lavanya Kondapalli, MD: A Scientist With “Heart”

There are volumes of research studies related to the heart. As a result, we know a lot about risk factors and the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Take It Personally - Robert Doebele

“It argues for a new way of thinking about clinical trials,” says University of Colorado medical oncologist Robert Doebele says. “Personalized medicine is about matching the right drug with the right person.”

Take It Personally - Kathleen Barnes

Kathleen Barnes joined the faculty of the CU School of Medicine in spring 2015 as the director of the new Center for Biomedical Informatics and Personalized Medicine.

Take It Personally - Matthew Taylor

UCH medical geneticist Matthew Taylor: “For the majority of individuals with diabetes, we don’t have answers. But we’re getting better and better at classifying diseases properly—at identifying the genetic mistakes causing them.”

Take It Personally - John Reilly

“Strictly speaking, your DNA sequence is the ultimate personal identifier,” says John Reilly, dean of the University of Colorado School of Medicine, “much more so than your social security number. It’s what makes it such a powerful tool in forensics.”

Masters Degree In Palliative Care Launches At CU Anschutz

As the wave of people needing end of life care grows in the years to come, the CU Anschutz Medical Campus launches what it dubs the nation’s first master's program in interdisciplinary palliative care. Amos Bailey spearheaded the project.

Cholesterol in diet advice overturned in U.S.

CU medicine professor Robert Eckel agrees focusing on reducing saturated fats and removing trans fat from the diet is a better approach: “The current evidence isn’t sufficient to claim dietary cholesterol as harmful.”

8 diet trends for 2016: What to try, what to skip

“I don't think there’s one diet or one way to lose weight,” said Holly Wyatt, medical director of The Wellness Clinic at CU’s Anschutz Health and Wellness Center.