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Boulder County has avoided the worst of a nationwide Hepatitis A outbreak

Michelle Barron, UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital’s medical director of infection prevention [and professor of medicine at CU School of Medicine], said, however, that it’s not just vulnerable populations that should consider getting vaccinated.

9 Ways to Fight Germs and Other Health Hazards on a Plane

Our mucous membranes are far less effective at blocking infection if they dry out, says Michelle Barron, professor of medicine-infectious disease, UCHealth, University of Colorado Hospital [and University of Colorado School of Medicine].

Doctors baffled by different flu strain popping up early in Colorado

I’ve been following influenza for about 10 years as an infectious disease physician and I haven’t seen a season yet where Influenza B has been predominant - so this is a first for us, at least in the last 10 years I’ve looked back at,” said Heather Young.

Pot Use Appears to Change Structure of Your Heart: Study

It could be the smoke that’s being inhaled that places strain on the heart, or it could be THC, the chemical in pot that gets you high, said Larry Allen, a professor of cardiology at the CU School of Medicine.

Meals on Wheels working to combat senior loneliness

“Loneliness is related to things like heart disease, anxiety and depression, weakened immune system, and even death,” said Samantha Farro, a psychologist at the UCHealth Seniors Clinic [and an instructor of medicine at CU School of Medicine].

Study focuses on caregivers of LGBTs with Alzheimer’s

“We are using a combination of methods, including working closely with local LGBT advocacy groups, support groups and clinicians in our clinics in Colorado caring for older LGBT adults to choose our interview participants,” said Carey Candrian.

13 hospital leaders talk 2020 goals

Jean Kutner: Our days are so often filled with running to meetings and responding to dozens of emails. For the new calendar year, I would like to add a practice of daily expressing gratitude to others.

FDA Advisors All In on Vascepa for CV Risk Reduction

Another issue with Amarin's proposed broader indication was the component of cardiovascular death risk reduction when there were not enough trial data to support this, cautioned Cecilia Low Wang, of the CU School of Medicine.

US biomedical agency has investigated hundreds claims of inappropriate conduct this year

“We believe our work is not done and that we should remain engaged throughout implementation/enforcement, however long this may take,” said Sonia Flores, vice-chair of diversity and justice at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus.

Kevin K. Brown, MD, Named Chair of the Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health

Internationally renowned pulmonologist Kevin K. Brown, MD, has been named the new Chair of the Department of Medicine at National Jewish Health.

UW-Madison Researchers Filed More Conflict of Interest Statements Than Any Other Institution Since 2012

Eric Campbell, a professor of medicine and director of research at the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at CU, said the interplay between business and researchers is a necessary function of transferring findings into the commercial market.

Despite Obesity Epidemic, Doctors Don’t Prescribe Obesity Drugs

The study by David R. Saxon, an endocrinologist at the University of Colorado, found that overall, only 1.3% of eligible patients filled a prescription for an antiobesity medication, and prescribing rates ranged from 0.6% to 2.9%.

Struggling for air: How performers not used to Denver’s elevation train to put on a mile-high show

“For most people, it doesn’t make a difference,” said James Maloney, a pulmonologist with UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital [and professor of medicine at CU School of Medicine].

For Your Heart, Eat Fish or Take Pills? A Dose of This Drug Equals 8 Salmon Servings

“Pharmaceutical drugs are regulated by the FDA, so the manufacturing has to meet high standards, so you can be sure that when you take it you are getting the amount listed on the label, and it is safe and free of impurities,” says Cecilia Low Wang.

New Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Considered A ‘Game Changer’

Hannah’s pulmonologist, Jennifer Taylor-Cousar, gets emotional, too. “It is truly a miracle for her and for many, many people,” said Taylor-Cousar.

Diagnosis criteria for COPD should be expanded to include CT scan, other factors

“Our proposed diagnostic criteria better capture the full spectrum of people suffering from COPD,” said James Crapo.

HF Benefit of Dapagliflozin Affirmed in Non-Diabetics

Fewer CV events for heart failure with reduced ejection fraction.

Coloradans dealing with lung diseases after working on military bases with garbage burn pits

“Ten years ago, I don’t think we knew anything about burn pits. I don’t think we even knew the term burn pits,” said Cecile Rose, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health [and professor of medicine at CU School of Medicine].

Lung Cancer Patient, Doctor Q&A Provides ‘Hope With Answers’

A University of Colorado Cancer Center oncologist is described as one of the leading minds in lung cancer.