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Department of Medicine Newsroom

Research, Community and Medical News Updates


Targeted Therapies Extend Overall Survival in Patients with Stage 4 ALK-Positive Lung Cancer

“(Our study) illustrates the benefit of targeted therapy and selecting therapy for a specific genetic makeup,” first author Jose Pacheco, an assistant professor of medicine/medical oncology at CU School of Medicine, said.

Gout Research - Treatment and Prevention

“Unfortunately, gout research has been stalled for a while,” says rheumatologist Kevin Deane, an associate professor of medicine in the division of rheumatology at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver.

Department of Medicine Annual State of the Department Talk Presented

The University of Colorado Department of Medicine annual State of the Department talk was presented on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 by David A. Schwartz, MD, Professor of Medicine and Immunology and Robert W. Schrier Chair of Medicine.

UCHealth is taking extra measures to protect patients during flu season

“We are expecting to start seeing more cases of the flu in the coming weeks as people are around more people than usual for holiday shopping, gatherings and travel,” according to Jean Kutner.

Stair test may predict your risk of dying of heart disease, cancer, study finds

“When people say, ‘I can’t exercise because I’m short of breath,’ I say, ‘Great, what a wonderful thing, I want you to use that your advantage,’” said Andrew Freeman.

Study finds women in hospital medicine to face major obstacles during pregnancy and work

“It is commonly thought that the medical profession is more enlightened around parental support than other professions, but it really isn’t,” said the study’s lead author Emily Gottenborg

Consumer Reports: Medical screening tests you do and don’t need

“It’s often cheaper to buy packages of many tests, which incentivizes people to get more tests than they need,” says Erik Wallace, associate dean of the Colorado Springs branch of the CU School of Medicine.

Colorado health systems look for ways to address gender identity in medical records

As of now, UCHealth is able to print a patient’s preferred and legal names and legal gender on wristbands, but is working to “incorporate additional functionality” within its electronic medical record system, said Micol Rothman.

Researchers examine the experiences of veterans receiving both cancer treatment and hospice care

“People have this association of hospice with death. If you can say let’s continue all these therapies you’re receiving now and add this wonderful layer of support - a 24/7 nurse, aid for bathing, social worker, etc. - that sounds great,” says Cari Levy.

91 percent response rate for venetoclax against newly diagnosed AML in older adults

Clinical trial results published in the journal Nature Medicine show 91 percent response rate to the combination of venetoclax with azacitidine in older adults newly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Experts Detail Proposals to Improve Clinician Well-being

Marc Moss, vice chair of clinical research at the CU School of Medicine, noted that burnout is an occupational health problem and said it needs to be viewed that way.

Gun Shops Work With Doctors To Prevent Suicide By Firearm

Wallace leads a discussion for all graduating medical students at the University of Colorado each year about firearm risk reduction and how to counsel patients on safe storage practices.

Avs Fan Drops Puck For ‘Hockey Fights Cancer’ Night During Myeloma Battle

“We like to get people back to as much as their daily life as we can,” said UCHealth Oncologist Peter Forsberg.

Denver scientist honored by American Heart Association for studies expanding understanding and treatment of peripheral artery disease

The American Heart Association (AHA) has awarded its Clinical Research Prize for 2018 to William R. Hiatt.

Health: Study Reveals Why Breast Cancer In Postpartum Women Is So Aggressive: May Potentially Lead To Prevention

“Having children is a part of life. But millions of women give birth every year, and a percentage of them are getting breast cancer” Virginia Borges said.

DETOUR I: 18-month results encouraging for percutaneous bypass system

“The DETOUR I trial showed excellent long-term safety in patients with advanced disease and extremely long, complex lesions, with venous health maintained at 18 months,” said Ehrin J. Armstrong.

Concomitant polyvascular disease, type 2 diabetes sharply raise ischemic risk

“Although we generally think about high-risk patients, such as ACS patients, as a group, clinical characteristics are useful for risk stratification,” Marc P. Bonaca.

Doctors And Ethicists Worry New Opiate Law Could Leave Some Patients In Pain

Matthew Wynia is one of those worried medical ethicists, and the director of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

Acute Kidney Injury Linked with Higher Dementia Risk

“It really might come back to vascular dysfunction...we know that that happens, and perhaps it’s more long-term and permanent damage that’s happening in these patients” said Jessica Kendrick.

Three-drug combination improves life for cystic fibrosis patients

“Within 24 hours of taking the pill combination, patients were puffing less. Their sinuses were clearer. They had more energy,” Jennifer Taylor-Cousar