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Novartis outlines more steps to contain fallout from payments to Trump’s lawyers

It appears to me that from examining these slides, Novartis leadership may have failed to fully recognize where the company stands in terms of its reputation,” said Eric Campbell.

In prediabetes, ‘the time is now’ for aggressive intervention

“Prediabetes is diabetes,” said Leigh Perreault, associate professor of medicine at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus.

Two families connected by a life-changing gift they gave to each other as strangers

Alex Wiseman with the University of Colorado Hospital said their program has worked closely with Children’s Hospital Colorado to try and find pairs that could be incompatible that they might be able to help with what they call a paired exchange.

No Sign Pot Smoking Will Trigger Irregular Heartbeat: Study

"We found no difference in the two populations,” said senior researcher Christine Tompkins, a cardiologist with the CU School of Medicine.

Gasping for air

How high altitude and less oxygen impacts performance in the mountains.

White House defends taking records from Trump’s former doc

Patients have a right to a copy of their medical records but the original physical record belongs to the doctor, said Matthew Wynia, director of the Center for Bioethics and Humanities at the University of Colorado.

Blood Pressure Readings Often Higher Outside Doctor’s Office, Researchers Find

Robert Eckel, an endocrinologist and physician-scientist at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus, agreed that more measurements provide more insight.

Advanced Thyroid Cancer Gene Study Reveals Therapy Possibilities

“As a clinician, I learned from this study that every patient with advanced thyroid cancer that we consider for systemic therapy should be genotyped — knowledge of genetic background may affect how we treat that patient,” said Nikita Pozdeyev.

How should hospitals reduce opioid prescriptions? A major new VA study offers some clues

Alternative treatments may help lower use of long-term opioid therapy.

Scott Naylor Holden

Scott Naylor Holden, 50, passed away on March 5, 2018 at his residence in San Francisco.

Family Caregivers Finally Get A Break – And Some Coaching

Eric Coleman, a gerontologist and recipient of a MacArthur Foundation fellowship in 2012, created the Care Transitions Intervention model. The national program, based at CU, trains coaches to help caregivers ease the transition of a patient to home care.

Why one woman broke out in hives when co-workers cranked up the AC

“It’s not like they’re allergic to heat [or cold], but they have this underlying condition that makes their immune cells very sensitive to these physical changes,” said Tho Truong, an allergist at National Jewish Health.

The Belly Fat Battle

There are some ethnic and racial differences, however, notes endocrinologist Robert Eckel, director of the Lipid Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital.

Study: High Blood Pressure and Prediabetes Together Increase Risk to Heart

High blood pressure and prediabetes together may do more harm to the body than either one alone.

Annual Research Day showcases success

22 students, faculty and staff recognized for outstanding work

Vascular problems associated with symptoms of menopause and quality of life measures

“Many women also experience menopausal symptoms that can negatively affect their quality of life and can contribute to depression, which is an established risk factor for cardiovascular disease,” said the study’s lead author Kerry Hildreth.

As menopause symptoms get worse, heart may pay a price

There could be a link between the severity of a woman's menopausal symptoms and her risk of heart disease, a new study suggests.

Machine Predicts Inpatient Sepsis 5 Hours Sooner

“One of the things that excites me about this research is that it represents an evolution in the way we’re using informatics in medicine,” said Ethan Cumbler.

Looking for Online Advice on Your Heart Device? Beware

“I think it’s important for patients to get information from multiple sources, to see if the information converges for them,” said American Heart Association spokesman Michael Ho, a professor of cardiology with the CU School of Medicine.

Here’s When to See a Doctor About That Persistent Cough

You might expect that your cough from the cold or flu should clear up around the same time that you start to feel better. It’s actually normal for it to continue for weeks after that as your body works to get back to full health, said Flavia Hoyte.