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‘Gave Me 6-9 Months’: Unlikely Lung Cancer Survivor 10 Years Later

“We have changed the standard of care through people like Ellen,” said Ross Camidge, Director of Thoracic Oncology at University of Colorado Hospital.

Combination Treatment Targets Pre-Leukemia Stem Cells

Your body’s blood cells are manufactured by hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow. But just as regular, mature cells can become cancerous, so too can stem cells.

Even Mild Untreated Gestational Diabetes Is Linked to Later Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

“A healthy lifestyle is really important,” says Linda Barbour, professor of medicine, obstetrics, and gynecology at the CU School of Medicine, and recipient of the American Diabetes Association’s 2018 Norbert Freinkel Award.

Initial learning curve, annual case volume key in TAVR outcomes

“Results from the study report here … suggest that there is a danger of lowering TAVR quality of care by doing away or relaxing volume requirements,” wrote John D. Carroll.

UCHealth joins nationwide cancer research network to advance targeted treatments

UCHealth announced Tuesday its participation in a nationwide research collaboration working to transform the way cancer is treated.

One In 3 US Veteran Firearm Owners Keeps A Gun Loaded And Unlocked

One third of United States Armed Forces Veterans store at least one firearm loaded with ammunition and unlocked, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Smoky conditions, poor air quality continue to linger in Denver, along Front Range

DENVER -- A smoky haze will continue to linger along the Front Range on Friday, prompting the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to issue another air quality health advisory.

Hospitalization for major adverse limb events occurs in 1 in 10 within a year after peripheral revascularization

“Within 1 year after the index revascularization, a significant proportion of patients were hospitalized for limb-related and cardiovascular causes, with 1 in 10 patients admitted for major adverse limb events,” Connie N. Hess.

Is running outside in all the wildfire smoke bad for you?

The good news? Unless you have preexisting breathing problems, you likely won’t do lasting damage by getting in your run outside. That’s according to Anthony Gerber, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health.

‘Finally Happening’: New Citizen Describes Long Road To Citizenship

On Monday, 74 new U.S. citizens were sworn in at the Rocky Mountain National Park. One of them was Fernando Diaz Del Valle, who came to the United States in 2003 from Honduras.

Denver hospital deploys hand hygiene monitoring system to boost adherence

“Denver Health had been interested in electronic hand hygiene monitoring for some time,” said Heather Young, medical director of infection prevention at Denver Health Medical Center.

Researchers Identify Potential Target For Developing Obesity And Diabetes

A newly published study by researchers from the CU School of Medicine has identified a potential therapeutic target for treating obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Colorado bride going through chemo embraces technology to save hair

“What it does is it lowers the temperature of the scalp so that the fair follicles don’t see the chemotherapy and by that happening the hair does not fall out at all or at least not to the same degree that it would have,” said Virginia Borges.

Doctors hope new digital pill will encourage medication adherence

“This technology is what they term an ingestible sensor,” said David Wyles, a physician at Denver Health Medical Center Infectious Disease. “And then we can look online and see exactly when the patient took their pills.”

Undocumented immigrants on dialysis forced to cheat death every week

“I just want care to change so badly,” Lilia Cervantes, a physician at Denver Health who is involved in Lucia’s care, said as she started to cry. “I can do all the research, but it’s not until people actually listen ... [that] access can finally change.”

Flashback secures FDA approval for health monitor

Robert H. Eckel, professor at the CU School of Medicine, Anschutz Medical Campus: “The program that I envision is a 2-year internal medicine residency program, then a 4-year training program in metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease prevention.”

Brain metastases common during treatment with crizotinib for ROS1-postive NSCLC

“This study clarifies the need to develop targeted therapies with brain penetration against these oncogene-addicted lung cancers,” said Tejas Patil, oncology fellow at University of Colorado Cancer Center and instructor at CU School of Medicine.

Guidelines highlight ‘best practies’ for liquid biopsy during treatment of non-small cell lung cancer

Liquid biopsy and its subsequent molecular analysis is a powerful tool that can determine the patient’s molecular tumor profile in order to determine the best therapeutic option.

Health Researchers Quietly Tackle the Opioid Epidemic’s Hidden Crisis

Deborah Rinehart, researcher at Denver Health, a public hospital affiliated with the CU School of Medicine, is studying a similar approach.

Does your doctor get big bucks from a drug company? These central Pa. docs receive $100,000+

Research shows that doctors on the payrolls of drug or medical device companies are likely to prescribe that company’s product -- even if it’s not the best option for the patient, says Eric G. Campbell.