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The University of Colorado has developed an innovative and highly learner-centered formal residency curriculum. We ensure a broad-based education for all housestaff yet provide multiple different curricular combinations to allow residents to tailor their training based on personal career goals.


A Matrix of options:

Each training "track" – CATEGORICAL, PRIMARY CARE, and HOSPITALIST – has its own curricular content. At the beginning of the second year, every resident also selects one of three "pathways" – CLINICIAN/EDUCATOR, RESEARCH, and HEALTH EQUITY. With three different training tracks and three different career pathways, there are nine potential formal curricular combinations available to our residents.

In addition to selecting a track and pathway, every resident attends an interactive conference curriculum focused on board preparation, morning reports at each site, and our Journal Club 3.0.



Research Clinician/Educator Health Equity
​Categorical Subspecialist researcher Subspecialist clinician/educator Health Eq. specialist
Primary Care Primary care researcher Primary care clinician/educator Health Eq. primary care
​Hospitalist Hospitalist researcher Hospitalist clinician/educator Health Eq. hospitalist