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Kerrie Moreau, PhD

Associate Professor

Division of Geriatrics
University of Colorado
Anschutz Medical Campus

12631 East 17th Avenue - L15
PO Box 6511, Mail Stop B179
Aurora CO 80045

Kerrie Moreau, Ph. D.,
Associate Professor

My research area focuses on the 1) modulatory influence of sex hormone deficiency on cardiovascular aging in women and men, with an emphasis on vascular endothelial dysfunction, large elastic artery stiffening, intimal-medial thickening, and maladapations in cardiac structure and function; 2) the role of regular exercise, both aerobic and resistance training, in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular aging; and 3) the biological mechanisms, including the role of oxidative stress and inflammation, mediating age-, sex hormone deficiency-, and habitual exercise-associated effects on cardiovascular aging. We use a translational research approach to study cardiovascular aging including the use of ultrasound imaging to examine arterial and cardiac function and structure, and endothelial protein expression to determine cellular mechanisms.

NHLBI/NIH R56 HL114073 “Biological Mechanisms of Vascular Dysfunction with Age and Estrogen Deficiency.” The aim of this grant is to determine the role of endothelial nitric oxide synthase uncoupling and oxidative stress as mechanisms underlying the decline in endothelial function across the stages of the menopause transition in women.