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Translational Pulmonary Vascular Biology Program

For the last 35 years this program trains individuals with doctoral degrees in either biological or medical sciences for successful academic careers in cardiopulmonary research and teaching. A multidisciplinary approach to both mentoring and research training is emphasizing the integration of studies at the molecular, cellular, tissue organ, and physiological (whole animals or human subjects) levels to permit rapid bench-to-bedside translation of the work performed.
Of the many training grants at the University of Colorado, this is the only one specifically dedicated to pulmonary vascular biology. Our continuing and long-term goal, is that after 3 years of training the program’s fellows will have acquired the professional skills to be competitive and obtain their own extramural funds. Our records show that we have achieved this benchmark. Therefore, our specific objectives are:
-       To provide trainee fellows with an intensive research experience in cardiovascular-pulmonary research with a focus on the pathophysiological aspects of chronic pulmonary vascular disease and right heart failure, by pairing them with mentors who are rigorously selected based on their qualifications and scientific area of expertise and placing them in a collaborative, stimulating environment.
-       To enhance the scientific knowledge and critical thinking abilities of the participating trainees by requiring a series of workshops/lectures on hypothesis formulation, experimental design, reporting and presentation of scientific information, grant proposal preparation and hands on experience in innovative molecular and cellular physiological approaches to cardiovascular-pulmonary research.
-       To enhance multidisciplinary, collaborative approaches to research by requiring co-mentors, and strong interaction with an Internal Advisory Committee with oversight by Executive and External Advisory Committees.
-       To ensure that Fellows acquire and learn the necessary information to conduct and report research in an ethical manner.
-       To provide the trainees with the information they need regarding a career in academic medicine and research by exposing them to available funding mechanisms for physician/basic scientists such as K-series awards and other mentored clinician scientist awards.
To apply to our program please contact program adminisrtor: