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CVP Hypobaric Chambers

CVP has hypobaric and hyperbaric chambers for long-term small animal exposure. 

We offer the use of the hypobaric chambers to any investigator with an animal protocol which allows it.

The Altitude Chamber Room consists of two large and nine small hypobaric chambers, each with pressure individually adjustable from 5,000 to 18,000 feet simulated altitude. In addition, there are six small chambers, which allow us to simulate sea-level altitude.

The small chambers have the capacity of holding 2 to 3 cages of animals (depending on the animal model) and the large chambers have the capacity of 8 to 12 cages (depending on the animal model). Chambers are available to rent at the cost of $8 per small barrel and  $55 for a big barrel. If considering renting a chamber please contact Andy Poczobutt at Reservations and Orientation can be set up. 


To check the availability please go to: