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Translating Resilience and Pathogenesis to Personalized Therapy for COPD

June 6-9, 2018: Aspen, Colorado

On June 6-9, 2018, the 61st Annual Thomas L. Petty Aspen Lung Conference convenes at The Gant Conference Center in Aspen, Colorado. The theme of the conference is Translating Resilience and Pathogenesis to Personalized Therapy for COPD.

With an emphasis on the integration of basic, translational, and clinical approaches, the 2018 conference focuses on a central question: How can knowledge of resilience or susceptibility to develop COPD be translated into more effective therapies?  

To address this central question, we have organized the program into a series of thematic sessions framed by a Keynote Address, Clinical Perspective and NHLBI Perspective. The thematic sessions focus on the following:

  • Clinical and molecular heterogeneity of COPD
  • COPD as a disease of accelerated aging
  • Stem cell dysfunction and regenerative therapies for COPD
  • Immune and epithelial cell mechanisms of COPD exacerbations
  • Metabolic and biochemical mechanisms of COPD pathogenesis
  • Consequences of COPD beyond the obstructed lung

We invite you and your colleagues to submit abstracts​ for consideration for a podium presentation and/or a poster at the conference. We are particularly interested in attracting translational basic or clinical research abstracts related to the selected thematic sessions.


At the conclusion of this conference attendees will be able to:

  1. Analyze the concept of COPD heterogeneity, and the possibility that unique phenotypes or endotypes may identify cohorts with common mechanisms of disease and response to treatment. 
  2. Assess the complex interactions between genomics/epigenetics, aging, immune/epithelial interactions, metabolism and lipid biochemistry, and their link to COPD susceptibility and resilience.
  3. Incorporate current concepts from stem cell biology to better understand repair of the injured lung.
  4. Identify mechanisms by which pulmonary vascular disease and lung cancer develop in COPD.

Intended Audience: Local/Regional/National/International Physicians/Clinicians (adult and pediatric)/Research Physician-Scientists in Pulmonary Sciences, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine/Primary Care Physicians/General Medicine Physicians/Public Health.

We look forward to your participation in the Thomas L. Petty Aspen Lung Conference, 61st Annual Meeting and to a combination of outstanding science and great fun. We hope that you and your colleagues can join us. 

Irina Petrache, M.D., Chair
R. William Vandivier, M.D., Chair
Moumita Ghosh, Ph.D., Co-Chair


Americans with Disabilities Act Statement: Please indicate if you have any need for auxiliary aids or special assistance services.

See our Travel and Lodging page to help coordinate your visit to beautiful Aspen, Colorado.


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