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Pepper J. Schedin, PhD

Professor, Division of Medical Oncology

Education: PhD
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO-1989

Dr Schedin was recruited to the clinical breast cancer program at UCD in 2004 for her expertise in the fields of breast cancer prevention and stromal-epithelial interactions.

The Schedin Lab is focused on developing breast cancer chemopreventive strategies that are targeted to specific windows of breast development. Our approach is to understand the role of tissue remodeling in mediating epithelial cell function during key windows of normal mammary gland differentiation, such as occurs with adolescent gland development, the pregnancy, lactation, and involution cycle and menopause. Major areas of investigation include mammary epithelial cell/stromal interactions, pregnancy-associated breast cancer, tumor dormancy/metastasis, and chemoprevention using rodent models, 3-dimensional culture, and human breast tissue.
DoD Synergy Extension Grant: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Pregnancy-Associated Breast Cancer, NIH NIH 1 R01 CA16416601A1: A Narrowed Window for Targeting Metabolic Flexibility in Breast Cancer Prevention

NIH 1 R01 CA169175-01A1: NSAID during postpartum involution for breast cancer prevention
Avon foundation

Selected Publications​ 

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