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Fred R. Hirsch, MD, PhD


 Fred Hirsch

: MD, PhD

University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 1997


Dr. Hirsch has been Professor of Medicine at UCCC since 1999 and Professor in Pathology since 2004.

Dr. Hirsch has worked with clinical/ translational research in lung cancer for more than 25 years. His current interest is in biomarker developments for early detection, chemoprevention and treatment of lung cancer. He is also studying markers related to molecular targeted therapies in order to understand the mechanisms of action and resistance of these new therapies, and to be able to select the patients who will benefit from such treatment.

The biomarker studies relate to the development of molecular targeted therapies for chemoprevention and treatment of lung cancer including studies on lung cancer cell lines and tumor tissue from clinical cohorts. Within the last years focus has been on identifying biomarkers, which can be used to select lung cancer patients to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors and other EGFR inhibitors. Dr. Hirsch’s laboratory is currently studying biomarkers in multiple clinical trials performed in the US and Europe both in lung and head and neck cancer.

Hirsch FR
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Dr. Hirsch is participating in several NIH grants, and is Co-PI for one of the projects ion the Lung SPORE program as well as co-PI for the multi-institutional SPECS grant (molecular signatures of lung cancer). He is also PI for several pharmaceutical research contracts.

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