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Cancer Care and Resources

Got Cancer?

Hearing the words "you have cancer" are very frightening and often followed by feelings of shock, numbness and disbelief. The medical terms can be confusing. It is often felt by cancer patients that they are not being heard or understood. Below are links to assist you and your loved ones in finding out more about cancer and obtaining the answers to the many questions you have or may have throughout your journey.

Learn About Cancer

Because cancer is so prevalent, people have many questions about its biology, detection, possible causes and strategies for prevention.
At the University of Colorado Cancer Center we're here to help you understand your diagnosis, answer your questions, and support your family, friends and caregivers and of course you.

Find a Provider

University of Colorado Hospital - provides care to adult cancer patients
Children's Hospital Colorado - provides care for pediatric cancer patients
Denver Health - provides care to adult cancer patients
National Jewish Health - focuses on lung cancer
If you are looking for CU Cancer Center providers outside the Front Range, visit our Regional Network of Care website.

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. They are the final step in a years-long process that begins with research in a lab and animal testing. Many treatments used today are the result of past clinical trials.