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Breitnauer, Nicholas 31.jpgNicholas Breitnauer

University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine 

About Nick: Nick is from the rural western slopes of Colorado. He grew up on the ski slopes in the winter and floating rivers in the summer. Being a Colorado "lifer," both undergraduate and medical school were completed through the University of Colorado. Not desiring to move from this beautiful state, he sensed a great opportunity to be one of the first four pioneers of a Med/Peds residency.  

Spare time is spent in the mountains, with his family or with his better half. Preferably all three at the same time!


Hasson, Denise 32.jpgDenise Hasson

Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

About Denise: Denise grew up in the suburbs of LA, warm and content, so when it came time to choosing a college, she thought she'd try her luck as far from SoCal as possible, in wintery Hanover, NH. Denise majored in Human Biology, was in a sorority, studied abroad in Rome, and played softball and water polo for Dartmouth. After 4 very cold winters and a much greater appreciation for the sun, she returned to LA for medical school. At the Keck School of Medicine at USC, she worked in a neurosurgery lab and attended as many football tailgates as possible. She soon realized surgery was not for her, and fell in love with hospital medicine, and especially with complex disease processes. She is especially enamored by metabolic genetics, and may pursue this fellowship come the end of residency training.   

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine? 

University of Colorado SOM provided the perfect combination of stellar location, fun and active people, with exceptional medicine and pediatric programs. I love getting to work in a large academic tertiary children's hospital one month and a public county-style hospital the next. Denver is an incredible place to live; the city is young and vibrant, and outdoor activities are just steps away. There is a brewery and a park on every other block it seems. But the best thing about this program are its people, hands down. 


Kamins, Rebecca 33.jpgRebecca Kamins

Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine

About Rebecca:  Rebecca grew up in Connecticut, headed north to Maine for undergrad at Colby College and then started her westward adventure with a stop in Chicago for medical school. She loves to travel and explore new places and cultures, which is what inspired her to take time between her third and fourth years of medical school to work at a clinic in rural Bolivia. She really interested in Global Health and can't wait to take advantage of some of the many connections that CU has around the world. When not jet-setting, she loves cooking, baking, swimming, dancing and most importantly, exploring Denver and Colorado by bicycle and by foot with her awesome co-interns! 

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?  

Besides the fact that Colorado is located in the only time zone I have yet to call home, I chose CU because of the strength of the categorical programs and the general enthusiasm for the start of Med-Peds here. I am also very impressed by the level of medicine practiced and the great people that we work with. Not to mention, the 300 days of sunshine, the great city of Denver, and the general enthusiasm for taking advantage of Colorado's natural beauty are not to be rivaled!


WManning.JPGWilliam Aaron Manning

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine

About Aaron: Aaron grew up in a small Eastern North Carolina town ("I’m willing to bet my small town is smaller than your small town"), and then attended UNC-Chapel Hill for both Undergrad and Med School.  After eight years at Carolina, he finally decided it was time to leave Tar Heel country and headed out to Colorado with his wife, Hadley.  During his free time, he can be found spending time with his wife and colleagues at one of Denver’s many great spots to grab a beer, playing any and all sports, hiking ("the mountains around here are a little bigger than the Appalachians I’m used to") or rooting on the Heels. 

Why the University of Colorado School of Medicine?

My career interests include hospitalist medicine, primary care, and pretty much everything else as I’m still very much undecided.  So, during the match process, I wanted to find a program that would provide superb all around training and opportunities for great subspecialist training should I chose to go in that direction.  CU definitely fits that bill, as there are top subspecialists in any field you could name on both the Medicine and Pediatrics sides, as well as incredible hospitalists and primary care docs who are passionate about teaching.  It’s also tough to beat everything living in Denver has to offer: great sports teams, skiing/snowboarding, hiking, great music venues, great food, 300+ days of sunshine a year…it’s pretty much got it all.

While coming to a brand new program was a little intimidating, I couldn’t be more thrilled with how everything has gone so far, and am very happy to call Colorado home for the next four years.