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Kristine M. Erlandson, M.D.

Assistant Professor


Research Areas: Clinical Research

Office Phone 303-724-4941

Address: 12700 E. 19th Avenue, B168

Aurora, CO 80045




My overall research focuses on the complications of aging in HIV-infection, specifically the mechanisms through which chronic HIV infection leads to early frailty and physical function decline despite otherwise successful antiretroviral therapy.  My current K23 Career Development Award is focused on the relationships of physical function, insulin like growth factor (IGF) -1 pathway, and chronic inflammation, tested through an exercise intervention.  I am also exploring motivations and barrier to exercise through qualitative and mixed methods research.  In addition to studies conducted at Colorado, I am active in the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS).   I direct the frailty and falls assessments of over 1000 study participants at 32 sites for the AIDS Clinical Trials Group HAILO (A5322) study.  As a member of the ACTG Inflammation Transformative Science Group, I identify and develop high-priority studies targeting inflammation and end-organ disease within the ACTG.   My contributions to the field of HIV and aging, particularly the impact on frailty and physical function, are recognized nationally and internationally. 
  • Effect of moderate or high intensity exercise on changes in IGF-1, physical function, and inflammation
  • Factors associated with change in frailty status in ACTG HAILO study
  • Factors associated with falls in HIV
  • Impact of body composition changes on physical function, neurocognition, and quality of life
  • Changes in skeletal muscle fatty infiltration with ART initiation or tesamorelin
  • Impact of statins on outcomes including neurocognition and physical function

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