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Jose Castillo-Mancilla, MD

Associate Professor


Office Phone: 720-848-0191
Fax:  720-848-0192
Address:  University of Colorado Denver
Anschutz Outpatient Pavilion
1635 Aurora Court, B163
Aurora, CO 80045

Medical School
Universidad La Salle, Facultad Mexicana de Medicina.  
Mexico City

Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami, FL 

The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH 

Our research is aimed at improving the care of HIV-infected individuals through a better understanding of the clinical pharmacology of antiretroviral therapy. Drug effects and drug exposure are directly influenced by factors such as age, race, genetics, drug-drug interactions and adherence, among others. Understanding theses interactions will allow the development of optimal treatment and prevention strategies, improve clinical outcome and minimize drug toxicity.

We also focus our research on the HIV/AIDS epidemic in foreign-born patients and Hispanics in the US. HIV/AIDS has disproportionally affected these minority groups and the available information does not suffice the current needs. Access to medical care for foreign-born patients in the US is extremely difficult. Hispanics and foreign-born individuals constitute a large portion of the untreated and unaware HIV population in the US and profound interventions are needed to solve these disparities.