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91 percent response rate for venetoclax

Clinical trial results published in the journal Nature Medicine show 91 percent response rate to the combination of venetoclax with azacitidine in older adults newly diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

Cancer hijacks the microbiome to glut itself on glucose

Cancer gets energy in the form of glucose. But how does it get this glucose? A recent study shows that leukemia undercuts the ability of normal cells to consume glucose, leaving more glucose available to feed its own growth.

Angelo D'Alessandro to become NBF Scholar

Angelo D’Alessandro, PhD, will be honored by receiving the title of National Blood Foundation Scholar next month for completing a study funded by an NBF early-career Scientific Research Grant in 2016.

Patients light the night to support blood cancer cures

Nathan Kissack figured he pulled a muscle while cutting hay for the cows on his ranch. Worried about his back, Kissack went to see a buddy who’s a chiropractor. The news was bad. An X-ray showed a large tumor right in the middle of Kissack’s chest.


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