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Welcome to the Hospital Medicine Group

Message from the Director

I invite you to spend a few minutes reviewing our Web site, where you’ll find a truly remarkable collection of academicians, programs and people all focused on living the ideals of our mission statement.  I think you’ll discover that our group members are national leaders in healthcare education, quality, patient safety and research. This site will provide you with a broad overview of the clinical, educational, scholarly and leadership achievements and opportunities.  However, this is just a sample.  If you are interested in learning more, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. 

Jeff Glasheen, MD

Director, Hospital Medicine Program​​

University of Colorado Hospital Medicine Group

Hospital Medicine involves the acute medical care of a hospitalized patient by a medical provider who specializes in inpatient care.  The term “Hospitalist” was first coined in 1996, and since then the field of Hospital Medicine has expanded and developed at a rapid rate.
Hospitalists now play a dominant role in the care of patients admitted to hospitals. Hospitalists are at the forefront of teaching in academic medical centers and have assumed a major role as clinician-educators.  They also manage the front lines of patient care and are actively working to improve the quality of patient care through research, development, and institution of quality improvement and patient safety initiatives. The hospitalists at the University of Colorado on the Anschutz Medical Campus are national and local leaders in this evolving field of medicine.

Mission Statement

The Hospital Medicine Group at the University of Colorado Hospital is an academic medical group driven by the group's mission of providing exceptional quality patient care in a caring, cost appropriate manner while advancing the science of hospital medicine through a commitment to education and research.