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Health Innovations Scholars Program



The Health Innovations Scholar Program is an intensive training program for pre-clinical medical students who seek to lead innovative transformation of American healthcare. Though advances in science, technology, and models of collaboration promise continued discovery and improvement in human health, the care systems designed to bring benefits to patients do not live up to their potential.  Medical school typically does not provide the knowledge or skills necessary to drive reinvention of healthcare systems. 

The students who have participated in the Health Innovations Scholars Program from 2013—2017 have engaged in experiential work across multiple clinical settings. Examples of these projects include: 1) Working with the Stroke Unit to improve the quality, efficiency, and patient-centeredness of the discharge process for ischemic stroke patients, 2) Improving the processes for patients transferred from other hospitals, and 3) Supporting an accountable care unit model to improve quality outcomes. Using tools from LEAN, design-thinking, and change management, in just under 5 weeks the students analyze the existing workflows , identify targets for improvement, and work with stakeholders to enact changes. These projects each lead to meaningful improvements at the University of Colorado, which were presented to high level stakeholders across the respective departments, and sustainable initiatives that are still in place!

Program Purpose

The HISP Program aims to produce leaders who are prepared to beneficially reinvent the healthcare system. Utilizing the core principles and practices of the hospital medicine movement, our program creates a cadre of future leaders, who can transform the quality, safety, efficiency, and patient experience in healthcare.

Health Innovations Scholars Program

The Health Innovations Scholars Program is an intensive, 5-week summer experience for pre-clinical medical students, which accelerates mastery of the skills necessary to be a strong physician leader and healthcare innovator. The dates for 2018 are July 2, 2018 - July 31, 2018. We'll select up to 8 students, who are usually between their first and second year of medical school, via a competitive application process. Through classroom learning, hands-on projects, intensive mentorship, and shadowing in the hospital, program graduates will learn to:

1.    Observe the practice of high-value, evidence-based hospital medicine 

2.    Explore effective models for creating and developing teams in the healthcare setting

3.    Identify effective leadership strategies that can drive change within complex systems

4.    Design projects that lead to improvements in quality, safety, and efficiency in existing clinical systems

5.    Utilize design-based methods to envision new models of care centered on meeting patients’ needs

 Program participants will receive a stipend for their time. All program activities are located on the Anschutz Medical Campus at University of Colorado, Denver.


Health Innovations Scholars Program candidates will be selected based on interest in systems improvement and innovation, potential to become a physician leader, and evidence of strong interpersonal skills. Applications will be accepted until March 4, 2018, and candidates will be notified by the end of March​​​

Core Faculty

Emily Gottenborg, MD​

Manny Diaz, MD

Tyler Anstett, DO

Cayleigh Brown - Young Hospitalist Academy Program Coordinator​