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Hospital Medicine Fellowship

Quality and Systems Leadership

The 1-year Hospital Medicine Fellowship in Quality and Systems Leadership aims to help recent residency graduates accelerate their trajectory toward high-level leadership and administrative roles. The fellowship’s primary focus is on development of skills necessary for the leadership of quality, safety, and clinical systems redesign. Fellows are enrolled in the Institute for Healthcare Quality, Safety and Efficiency's (IHQSE) Certificate Training Program (CTP), which provides approximately 90 total hours of classroom based instruction focused on advanced leadership, teamwork, quality, safety, and system redesign concepts and skills. In addition, CTP participation provides access to approximately 30 hours of directed coaching and mentorship by quality experts regarding a team-based clinical improvement project at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH) and/or the Anschutz Medical Campus, which fellows lead over the 12-month duration of the program. Fellows attend on the clinical services of the Hospital Medicine Group ~ 4 months during the year, and also receive intensive coaching and mentorship from key Hospital Medicine Group mentors and core faculty.
​​For more information or to apply please contact Cayleigh Brown at