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The sharks are back and hungry!

They’re on the hunt for innovative projects designed to increase high value care

Shark Tank Winner for AY 2019-2020

HF RADAR:  Reduced Admissions and Decompensation and Augmented Recovery for Heart Failure Patients​

Heart failure (HF) is a common cause of re-hospitalizations and patient morbidities. Successful strategies to reduce hospitalization include more frequent provider contact and strategies to track HF patients and optimize evidence-based medical therapies (EMT).  The ten continuity clinics of Cardiology Fellows include 25% of the general cardiology patients but a higher prevalence of HF patients with high-risk conditions for readmission. This high value care project will:

1) implement a RADAR screen (Dashboard) for tracking HF patients in the clinical practice of the Cardiology Fellow Clinics

2) improve rates of titrating optimal medical therapies and normalizing left ventricular (LV) function

3) and engage the providers in assessments of quality care for CHF patients. The aim is to reduce the rate of HF admissions by 15%, and improve the rate of LV function recovery that may avoid the need for ICD placement.  Furthermore, the project will provide feedback and self-evaluation of high value care for future general cardiologists.


Dan Huck, MD, Team Leader for Wednesday Fellow Clinic

Scott Freeman, MD, Team Leader for Thursday Fellow Clinic

Karen Moulton, MD, Faculty Sponsor, Director Cardiology Fellow Clinic

                                              It's time to feed them your cutting edge projects
The Department of Medicine Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Program (DOM QIPS) invites you to submit a promising high value care (HVC) project concept for implementation by the DOM in the 2020 academic year. Submissions will be judged on their applicability across DOM sites of care and specialties and are encouraged to align with the high value care quality metrics identified within CMS priority Outcome Measures and within the domains of Safety, Quality and Prevention. For the winning project, the DOM QIPS will provide coaching, project management assistance and/or data support and will help you showcase your work in multiple high visibility forums.


You can be the team known for making a successful impact in the quality of care that medicine patients receive at University of Colorado!

Why focus on high value care?

Rising medical costs and national quality benchmarks have inspired hospitals and clinics to reform processes to ensure consistent High Value Care delivery.  The American College of Physicians (ACP) defines High Value Care (HVC) as “health care that balances clinical benefit with costs and harms with the goal of improving patient outcomes”.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has established quality of care metrics by which hospitals are required to publicly report and are ultimately held accountable. The American Board of Internal Medicine has supported the Choosing Wisely initiative since 2012 to promote conversations between clinicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is supported by evidence, not duplicative of tests or procedures already received, truly necessary, and free from harm. Focused HVC initiatives help providers deliver the best possible care, improve outcomes, and increase efficiency.

Ideas for Projects may include:



Shark Tank Judges will preferentially select projects which have these elements:


  • A clear problem statement and outcome for your project – see examples: AIM 1 / AIM 2
  • Realistic timeline for project implementation
  • Identify the support needed from DOM QIPS: 1) coaching, 2) project management and/or 3) data support
  • Alignment with or New Initiative to support current priority quality metrics and/or outcome measures
  • In order to support your Concept, the project must occur at the University Hospital or UCH Clinics  

 Who is eligible to apply?

Faculty, residents, fellows, staff of the DOM clinical units at UCH (inpatient, outpatient, and procedure units) are eligible.  All projects must be based at UCHealth and must have a DOM faculty sponsor.   


 What can I expect to do during the Shark Tank Finalist Competition

·       You will be allowed three (3) minutes to present your project to a distinguished panel of Shark Judges

·       You will participate in a two (2) minute rapid-fire Q&A session following your presentation.

·       We strongly suggest you take a look at ABC's Shark Tank Pitch to get an idea of the presentation style


 Who will serve as Sharks?

A panel of Executive and Quality Leaders from the SOM, UCH, and affiliated hospitals will serve as our sharks.


 If your team’s project is chosen you can anticipate the following:

·       The project will become the top priority of the DOM Quality and Safety Program for AY 2018-19 with leadership/coaching, QI expertise, and data resources.

o   Quarterly meetings with the DOM QPS Leadership team for expert project evaluation and guidance

o   Monthly meetings with the DOM QPS team (data analyst and performance improvement specialists)

o   Priority EPIC reports will be available as long as is requested

·       EPIC data reports continued for 6 months after project completion to validate sustained improvement efforts

·       Showcase your work in front of executive leadership at the Department of Medicine and UCH through presentations at top leadership meetings

·       Present your project at the Department of Medicine Quality and Patient Safety Symposium

·       Receive mentorship and assistance in publishing your findings

·       Enhance your clinical practice

·       Improve the value of care to our patients, staff and faculty

·       Receive the Honorary Shark Tank Trophy to be proudly displayed in your Division​


 How is this project different from other quality improvement programs and grant programs out there?

Unlike other programs (i.e. IHQSE, one-day CTP, the UCH/SOM Clinical Effectiveness and Patient Safety Resident-Fellow grant program, GIM small grants program), the DOM Shark Tank will provide you the unique opportunity to work closely with leadership in the DOM, and will give you complete access to all of the resources at the disposal of the DOM QPS program.  Moreover, your project will become top priority, which means that the DOM will be invested into your project’s success.


 Shark Tank Project Submission Dates


  • September 30th, 2019 – Abstracts Due - Submit your brief project concept here
  • October 4th , 2019 – Finalist Teams will be contacted
  • October 23rd, 2019 – Shark Tank Final Competition in RC2, 2nd Floor, Krugman Conference Hall from 4pm-6pm



 What does a Shark Tank Finalist Competition look like?

  • You will be allowed three (3) minutes to present your project to a distinguished panel of Shark Judge
  • You will participate in a two (2) minute rapid-fire Q&A session following your presentation.


Shark Tank 2018 Finalists​​

Image courtesy of Krish Mohan.