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Sabbatical Support Program - Sabbatical Support - PROGRAM ON HOLD AS OF JUNE 2017

Department of Medicine

Sabbatical Support - PROGRAM ON HOLD AS OF JUNE 2017 (contact with any questions)

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Key Documents
Application for Sabbatical Assignment and Sabbatical Plan (DOC)
Checklist of Items to Submit for Sabbatical Request (DOC)
Review Criteria for DOM Sabbatical Support Request (PDF)

Annual Cycle Dates
Applicants must submit the completed standard SOM Sabbatical Application to the DOM Sabbatical Support Program Review Committee by either March 1 (for a January 1 start date) or September 1 (for a July 1 start date).

Program Overview
The Sabbatical Support Program was developed to support professional growth in the Department of Medicine. Established in 2015, the overall goals of this program are to change the culture surrounding sabbaticals within the DOM and to encourage more faculty members to take sabbaticals to enhance our competitiveness and enhance our areas of expertise.

Who is Eligible? 
All university-employed faculty with a primary appointment in the DOM who are eligible under university/SOM policy for a sabbatical are also eligible to apply for DOM financial support for sabbaticals. DOM financial support for sabbaticals will be provided on a competitive basis. Under university and SOM policy, associate and full professors (tenured or tenure-track, including specialty tracks) are eligible for a sabbatical following six years of full-time service; tenured faculty members on less than 100% appointments are also eligible for sabbaticals following longer periods of service (see SOM guidelines for details).

The sabbatical plan must be discussed with and supported by the Division Head prior to submission to the DOM Sabbatical Support Program. The program, which is intended to provide financial support for sabbaticals, complements and conforms to existing CU and School of Medicine sabbatical policies.

Length Requirements?
Sabbaticals may be up to one full calendar year in length, but may also be as short as one month depending on the academic goals of the sabbatical. We encourage faculty members to think creatively about ways to take advantage of this professional development opportunity.
Application Process
The DOM Sabbatical Support Program has limited funds, and support will be provided on a competitive basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to start planning 6-12 months before they anticipate submitting their formal sabbatical request. This time will be spent:

1) Selecting an appropriate sabbatical location and collaborators;
2) Having discussions with the Division Head and appropriate hospital representative to ensure for clinical and/or administrative replacement support during the period of absence;
3) Completing the School of Medicine/University of Colorado application (approval by the Regents is required and can take up to 4 months following submission of the completed application);
4) Completing the application for the DOM Sabbatical Support Program;
5) Completing applications to other possible support programs (NIH, Fulbright, VA, affiliate hospitals, Division, private industry);
6) Arranging travel, housing and other personal/family related issues; and
7) Developing your budget to support the sabbatical.

Application Timeline
  • Applicants must submit the completed standard CU/SOM Sabbatical Application to the DOM Sabbatical Support Program Review Committee by either March 1 (for a January 1 start date) or September 1 (for a July 1 start date). The CU/SOM Sabbatical Application and the DOM Sabbatical Support Application will be processed in parallel. See below for the selection criteria that will be emphasized by this review committee.
  • Applicants can elect to apply to the DOM to receive financial support for their sabbatical through the DOM Sabbatical Support Program. Receiving support from the DOM Sabbatical Support Program is not required if using alternate funding sources for the sabbatical.

Understanding the Selection Process
To ensure equity in evaluation of applications, the review committee is made up entirely of faculty outside of the Department of Medicine. Review committee members were invited based on academic and leadership expertise. Review committee members:

  • Judith Albino, PhD – University of Colorado President Emerita; Professor of Community & Behvioral Health, CSPH
  • David Fullerton, MD – Professor of Surgery; Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Mark Johnston, PhD – Professor and Chair, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
  • David Ross, PhD – Professor and Chair, Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • John Cambier, PhD - Professor and Chair, Integrated Department of Immunology (University of Colorado Denver and National Jewish

Applications are reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Specific skills to be gained during the sabbatical, and the potential impact on the faculty member’s career trajectory (new grants, collaborations, educational or clinical opportunities).
  • Potential impact on the division and department.
  • Potential impact on the school, university community or hospital.
The review committee ranks applicants based on these criteria for final decision by the Department Chair. Applicants must meet all of the criteria set out in the CU/SOM Sabbatical Application and the Board of Regents Policies. Please refer to those websites for key university requirements, and review the Criteria for DOM Sabbatical Support Request (PDF).

Additional Information
  • Departmental support is intended to supplement other sources of support (grants, external awards, division, faculty reserves, etc) and these sources of support need to be included in the application.
  • There is a strict limit to the support that can be provided using any university resource (department, university grants, state support, etc); no more than 50% salary (Base + supplement) for one year, or 100% salary for 6 months. Given the limited funds available, it is likely that only partial support will be provided.
  • Each application will be reviewed by a DOM committee that meets twice a year; recommendations will be made to the Chair and the Chair will make final decisions.
  • DOM will notify candidates 6 months prior to the sabbatical so that adequate time is available to accommodate the applicant’s University duties while on sabbatical.
  • The number of sabbaticals supported in any given year will be based on annual operating margin of the department from the previous year.
  • Those receiving sabbatical support from the DOM Sabbatical Support Program will agree to return for the one year stated in the standard CU/SOM Sabbatical application. If a faculty member fails to do so, the faculty member is obligated to repay the University and the DOM.
Contact Information
For more information and to submit an application for the DOM Sabbatical Support Program, please contact Penny Archuleta (; 303-724-9534). This program is overseen by Cara Wilson, MD, DOM Vice Chair for Faculty Advancement.

2016 DOM Sabbatical Support Program.pdf

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