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Flow Cytometry And Cell Sorting

The facility's technical director, Preston Neff Ph.D., and staff help design experiments, develop and implement new applications as well as collaborate scientifically with users. The staff provides full service flow cytometry assistance, including sample preparation, staining, data acquisition and analysis.

Our highly trained staff’s unique technical understanding of flow cytometers and experience allows us to personalize our facility for each individual research or clinical experiment and to obtain optimal results. We have a diverse set of additional filters to switch out for ideal fluorochrome detection. We have documented and researched many fluorochrome combinations in order to identified the best fluorochrome panels based on antigen density, and intensity while minimizing spectral overlap. This allows our facility to find rare populations other panels may miss. Our machines are monitored by quality control CS&T results daily in order to resolve issues early and quickly without interfering with results or instrument usage.


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Contact Us

Director: Brent Palmer, PhD -

Phone: 303-724-7203

Technical Director: Charles Preston Neff, PhD -

Phone: 303-724-7196

Flow Core Staff:

Garrett Hedlund -

Phone: 303-724-7211

Sharon Sen -

Phone: 303-724-7196