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The Heart Voyager© Apps are a series of tablet-based heart model apps that are in development to fill the need for interactive, educational tools for both patients and healthcare providers.  The focus the Heart Voyager series will be on structural heart disease and associated interventions presented in a module-based format.  Click on the links below to download a free Heart Voyager module for Android and iOS devices:

If you would like to be contacted as new apps become available, please fill out this form.

Future planned "interactive anatomy modules" may include:

  • Aortic valve anatomy/pathology/therapy (TAVR, valvuloplasty, surgical AVR)

  • Mitral valve anatomy/pathology/therapy (MitraClip, valvuloplasty, surgical MVR)

  • Pulmonary valve anatomy/pathology/therapy (conduits, Melody TPV)

  • Left atrial appendage anatomy and therapy (LAA occlusion/exclusion/ligation)
  • Atrial Septal Defect & Patent Foramen Ovale

Interactive anatomy modules will be available for a nominal fee on an individualized basis.  Support for both iOS and Android is planned.