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FDA Collaboration

As part of ongoing projects with the FDA, multiple anatomical datasets have been reconstructed and analyzed, and are available for download.  This includes human and swine coronary vessels and bifurcation regions, with atrial septal models (with ASD, PFO and normal pathologies) and aortic root modes being added over the next several months.

The table below contains human and swine 3D coronary artery models (in IGES and 3DM formats) and the angiographic images used for the reconstructions.  The models consist of major bifurcation regions (diagonal, circumflex, OM, etc.) and vessel segment, which are individual models in the case of the IGES files, and multiple layers in the 3DM models.  All human cases are fully de-identified.

Coronary Models:

3 Phase Atrial Septal Models:

ASD (7)

Normal Septum (1)

PFO (2)