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Clinical and Research Faculty Members

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Contact Information
Abrahams, Barbara MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Aleong, Ryan MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Allen, Larry MDProfessor of Medicine
Allian-Sauer, Marybeth MDSenior Instructor of Medicine
Ambardekar, Amrut V. M.D.Associate ProfessorAmbardekar
Armstrong, Ehrin MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Badesch, David MDProfessor of Medicine
Bannister, Roger A., PhDAssistant Professor
Barley, Amy DOAssistant Professor
Brick, Aaron MSNInstructor of Medicine
Brieke, Andreas MDAssociate Professor
Bristow, Michael MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Buttrick, Peter MDDivision Head - Professor of Medicine - S. Gilbert Blount Endowed Chair
Cantu, Mona MSInstructor of Medicine
Carroll, John MDProfessor of Medicine
Carter James MDAssistant Professor
Chen, James PhDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Connolly, Daniel PA-CInstructor of Medicine
Cornwell, William MDAssistant Professor of Medicine


Daugherty, Stacie MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Eckel, Robert MDProfessor of Medicine
Fabian, William MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Gama, Kristy, NP-BCInstructor of Medicine
Greyson, Clifford MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Groves, Daniel MDAssistant Professor
Hammermeister, Karl MDProfessor of Medicine
Amy Harrison, NPInstructor
Harrison, AmyInstructor
Hattler, Brack MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Havranek, Edward MDProfessor of Medicine
Herron, Erin MSInstructor of Medicine
Hess, Connie MDAssistant Professor of Medicine​

Hiatt, William MDProfessor of Medicine
Ho, P Michael MD, PhDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Irwin, David PhDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Johnson, Stacey APRN, MSNInstructor of Medicine
Kao, David MDAssistant Professor of Medicine


Kay, Joe MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Keller, Mark MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Khanna, Amber D., MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Kini, Vinay MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Knoepke, Christopher PhDInstructor
Kollengode Madhukar, MDAssistant Professor
Kondapalli, Lavanya MDAssistant Professor of Medicine

Krantz, Mori MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Lam, Maggie Pui Yu PhDAssistant ProfessorMaggie Pui Yu Lam, PhD
Leinwand, Leslie PhDProfessor of Medicine
Li, Xiaotao PhDInstructor of Medicine
Altman, Natasha Lipson MDAssistant Professor of MedicineAltman, Natasha Lipson  MD
Academic Office 1
12631 E.17th Avenue, B130
Aurora, CO 80045
Long, Carlin MDProfessor of Medicine
Marsala, Maria MSInstructor of Medicine


Masoudi, Frederick MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
McClory, Inge PAInstructor of Medicine
McIlvennan, Colleen NPAssistant Professor of Medicine
Mckinsey, Timothy PhDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Messenger, John MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Mestroni, Luisa MDProfessor of Medicine
Michalek, Julie MSInstructor of Medicine
Moloo, Jamaluddin MDAssistant Professor of Medicine


Moulton, Karen MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Nguyen, Duy T. MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Peters, Laura MSSenior Instructor of Medicine
Peterson, Pamela MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Port, David PhDProfessor of Medicine
Proenza, Catherine PhDAssociate Professor
Quaife, Robert MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Ream, Karen PA-CAssistant Professor
Regensteiner, Judith PhDProfessor of Medicine
Resnick, Steve MDAssistant Clinical Professor


Rogers, Kevin MD, MSAssociate Professor
Rumsfeld, John MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Salcedo, Ernesto MDProfessor of Medicine
Sauer, William MDProfessor of Medicine
Schuller, Joseph L. MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Schwartz, Gregory MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Seals, Douglas PhDProfessor of Medicine
Kunhua Song, Ph.DAssistant Professor of Medicine
Spurck, Patrice MSInstructor of Medicine
Stauffer, Brian MDAssociate Professor, Medicine-Cardiology
Sucharov, Carmen PhDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Taylor, Matthew MD, PhDProfessor of Medicine
Tompkins, Christine MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Tsai, Thomas MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Tzou, Wendy MDAssistant Professor, Medicine-Cardiology
Varosy, Paul MDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Waldo, Stephen MDAssociate Professor
Walker, John PhDAssistant Professor of Medicine
Walker, Lori PhDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Wiktor, Dominik MDAssistant ProfessorWiktorSmall
Wolfel, Eugene MDProfessor of Medicine
Wright, Maureen PA-CInstructor, Medicine-Cardiology
Yeung, Elizabeth MDAssociate Professor of Medicine
Zipse, Matthew MDAssistant Professor
Zwiacher, NormaInstructor of Medicine