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Vascular and Endovascular Program

Division of Cardiology

The Division of Cardiology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine is highly involved in the care of patients with a wide spectrum of non-coronary vascular diseases.  Both the Section of Vascular Medicine and the Section of Interventional Cardiology provide these services.

The Section of Vascular Medicine is comprised of William Hiatt, MD; Judy Regensteiner, PhD; R. Kevin Rogers, MD MSc RPVI; Thomas Tsai, MD MSc; and Mia Barbour, RN.
The clinical focus of the Vascular Medicine section currently is the outpatient care of all types of vascular disease including occlusive and aneurysmal atherosclerotic diseases (carotid, vertebral, renal, mesenteric, aortic, and peripheral), non-atherosclerotic diseases (fibromuscular dysplasia, complications from vasculitis, and popliteal entrapment), venous diseases (thromboembolic, central venous compressive disorders such as thoracic outlet syndrome and May-Thurner syndrome, and chronic venous insufficiency) and vasospastic disorders such as Raynaud’s.  Vascular Medicine also provides inpatient consultation, both at the University of Colorado Hospital and at the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

The section of Vascular Medicine is dedicated to the multidisciplinary treatment of vascular diseases that includes Interventional Cardiology, Interventional Radiology, and Vascular Surgery.  Examples of such collaboration include a multidisciplinary service for the care of patients with critical limb ischemia and multidisciplinary enrollment in a national clinical trials involving stem cell therapy for patients at high risk of amputation.
Research efforts are led by Dr. William Hiatt, who as President of CPC Clinical Research (an affiliated clinical trials center) is instrumental in the design, execution, and reporting of numerous clinical trials related to vascular disease.

The Section of Interventional Cardiology offers exemplary catheter-based, revascularization for a variety of acute and chronic vascular disorders. Kevin Rogers, MD MSc RPVI and Thomas Tsai, MD MSc perform over 300 endovascular interventions yearly at the University of Colorado Hospital and the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center. 
These procedures involve the use of all contemporary endovascular devices, including atherectomy, laser, and novel stent designs.  Additionally, the Section of Interventional Cardiology is active in carotid stenting, and the University of Colorado is a site for 3 carotid stenting registries, of which Dr. Rogers is the Principal Investigator.  Through these registries, the University of Colorado is able to offer contemporary carotid revascularization with both proximal and distal embolic protection to a wide range of patients.  Finally, the University of Colorado is the only site in Colorado and the Mountain West that currently offers catheter-based renal denervation to patients with resistant hypertension as part of a multicenter, national randomized trial. 

Interested providers and patients are encouraged to contact the providers listed below:

R. Kevin Rogers, MD MSc RPVI
Mail Stop B132
12401 East 17th Avenue
Room 560
Aurora, CO  80045
720-848-6506 (office)

William R. Hiatt, MD
Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado
President, CPC Clinical Research

Thomas T. Tsai, MD, MSc
Director, Interventional Cardiology
Denver VA Medical Center
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver
Investigator, Colorado Cardiovascular Outcomes Research (CCOR) Group

Mia Barbour, RN
Leprino Building
12401 E. 17th Ave
Room 502
Mail Stop B-132
Aurora, CO  80045
Phone:  720-848-7223
Fax:  720-848-7315
Pager:  303-266-0313