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Catherine Lozupone, PhD

​​Address: 12700 E. 19th Avenue, Room 3113
Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, CO 80045
Phone: (303) 724-7942
Villanova University, Villanova PA (1993-1997); BS: Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO (1997-1999); MS: University of Colorado, Boulder (2003-2007); PhD: Postdoctoral Training, University of Colorado, Boulder (2007-2013)
Research areas:
  • Microbiology of the human gut and impacts on health.
  • The development of bioinformatics techniques for analysis of marker gene and genomic sequence data.
The main focus of my lab is to understand factors that shape human microbiota composition in health and disease (particularly in the gastrointestinal tract) and to elucidate the functional consequences of compositional differences, both in terms of the biological/metabolic properties of individual bacteria and host interactions. Although my formal training is entirely in the biological sciences, I have substantial experience in the development and application of computational tools for the analysis of metagenomic (primarily 16S ribosomal RNA) and bacterial genome sequences for culture-independent analysis of microbial populations. During my pre-doctoral work with Dr. Rob Knight and as a joint post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Knight and Dr. Jeffrey Gordon, I was heavily involved in the development of very popular tools for microbial community analysis; I am the primary developer of the UniFrac algorithm for comparing microbial diversity among many samples using phylogenetic information, and am a contributor to the QIIME software package. My goal is to continue to innovate in the area of bioinformatics analysis of sequence data while exploring links between microbiota composition/function with disease.
My work includes extensive meta-analyses of 16S rRNA and genomic sequences in the public domain, analysis of new datasets that I have had access to through an extensive network of collaborators, and most recently 16S rRNA datasets of human microbiota samples generated in my own lab. Ongoing projects in my lab explore associations between the human microbiota and HIV-infection, asthma, autism spectrum disorders, metabolic disease, and graft versus host disease in cancer patients who have undergone stem cell transplant. Working across such a breadth of datasets/diseases has given me a unique perspective towards understanding parallels between compositional changes that occur in different developmental, physiological and disease states.
Towards the end of my post-doctoral training and as new faculty, I have been continuing to couple 16S rRNA based analyses of microbial distribution with comparative genomics analysis and functional experiments with cultured isolates to predict and test which biological functions are shared by bacteria that change in relative abundance in disease states. This work has involved use of anaerobic culture techniques that will allow my laboratory to follow up on genomics based functional predictions. This will help me to reach my goal of moving beyond descriptive studies of how human microbiota composition differs with disease to studies that also elucidate the functional consequences of those differences.
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