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Practice Transformation

Change and innovation have become a constant for primary care practices, with multiple large-scale efforts underway that will transform the way that we deliver primary care for our patients. Practice transformation is a continuous and long-term process and a cornerstone of healthcare reform.  It is based on the concept that practices become learning organizations that are willing to test different work flows or office systems and learn from their mistakes.  The main concepts of practice transformation include implementation of continuous quality improvement, engaged leadership, empanelment, developing continuous and team-based healing relationships with patients, evidence-based care, patient-centered interactions, enhanced access, and care coordination.

The DFM is involved in multiple projects related to practice transformation and is committed to supporting the advancement of comprehensive primary care to improve patient experience and quality of care while decreasing costs.  

Our primary activities include: 

  • Providing support for improvement and innovation in primary care practices through practice facilitation and other services.

  • Educating and training the workforce necessary for the provision of team-based comprehensive care.

  • Evaluating ongoing practice improvement programs to identify and disseminate best practices and key questions.

  • Carrying out research to answer key questions regarding primary care transformation and implementation of primary care innovations.

  • Developing, implementing, and disseminating innovative, rigorous research and evaluation methods for practice transformation efforts.

Current major projects include:

  • PCMH Colorado Residency Project:  goal is to transform all Colorado family medicine residency programs and one internal medicine residency program into Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) through practice and curriculum redesign.  PCMH e-Learning Modules were developed as part of this project.  Funded by The Colorado Health Foundation.

  • Colorado Health Extension System – Members of the DFM have served as conveners for a collaborative partnership of organizations that provide support to practices for transformation efforts, along with other related organizations. 

The Colorado Health Extension System aims to improve health and health care across Colorado by:

  • Supporting transformation, improvement, and innovation in primary care practices.

  • Improving practice and system readiness for new payment models through technical assistance and infrastructure development; and facilitating local, regional, and statewide collaboration among primary care practices, community groups, patient advisory groups, local public health agencies, and other health care providers to achieve the Triple Aim.

  • Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) project: Multiple members of the DFM have contributed heavily to developing Colorado’s SIM project, which particularly targets the provision of integrated, comprehensive primary care and behavioral health.

  • Evaluation Projects: We provide ongoing evaluation services for practice transformation projects across Colorado, including HealthTeamWorks’ PCMH Foundations and Innovations program, the Colorado Rural Health Center’s I-CARE project, and the Life Quality Institute’s Life Quality Initiative.

Contact Info:

Perry Dickinson, MD
Director of Practice Innovation Program
Phone: (303) 724-9754