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High Plains Research Network

The High Plains Research Network (HPRN) is a practice based research network that consists of rural primary care practices, hospitals, health care facilities, and communities located in eastern rural Colorado.  HPRN is committed to providing excellent rural health care by translating the best scientific evidence into everyday clinical practice.

HPRN is part of the SNOCAP family of practice-based research networks. As such, we conduct research and quality improvement programs that reflect the social setting of primary care practice, including practice organization, patient population, and the community.

Why Do Research in Eastern Rural Colorado?

Several articles in prestigious medical journals have reported that small rural hospitals and primary care doctors do not provide as good of care as specialists in large hospitals. We don't believe this. HPRN seeks to provide evidence of the excellent care provided in the rural high plains using research methods and evaluation tools. We also want to find out the best way to improve medical care for multiple diseases in various environments in eastern rural Colorado.

Engaging the Community

HPRN conducts its program in the primary care, hospital, and community settings.The HPRN Community Advisory Council and Medical Advisory Council guides and informs the work done by HPRN.  These local residents help the research team conduct work that is relevant to the community of practices and people living in eastern Colorado.

The High Plains Research Network is in the process of expanding its service and programs. Click here to read about HPRN's research projects and programs.

Study Highlight

A quality improvement program funded by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment designed to provide “Asthma Toolkits” for primary care clinicians and their patients to help improve asthma care in rural Eastern Colorado.

This project is a result of a partnership between HPRN and National Jewish Health.

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