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Building Investigative Practices for Better Health Outcomes Research Network

The Building InvestiGative practices for better Health Outcomes Research Network (BIGHORN) is a practice-based research network of private primary care practices in Colorado, and a member of SNOCAP.


The mission of BIGHORN is to transform a network of undifferentiated private practices into a community of reflective, investigative practices and their patients, thereby enhancing the quality, safety, efficiency, and accessibility of primary health care through practice- based research.

Doug Fernald, the Director of BIGHORN, seeks to realize the next evolutionary step in PBRNs: a network of entire practices, rather than individual providers, representing the true diversity of geography, practice structures, patients, and communities of private primary care.

Contact us to learn more or to submit your best practice in clinical care.

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Contact Info:

Doug Fernald, MA
BIGHORN Director
Phone: (303) 724-9705
Fax: (303) 724-9747