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Implementation Science

Implementation science is the systematic study of strategies and factors associated with the successful integration of evidence-based interventions and policies into practice.  This type of research is critically important because a large majority of research findings are never applied in practice, and those that are take a very long time to translate.  Implementation science models and frameworks focus on multiple levels (e.g., patient, practice team, organization) and contextual factors related to successful translation. It is also concerned with practical and generalizable interventions and measures that can be applied across diverse settings and can reach large segments of the population. 

Example Implementation Science Projects within DFM

 Comparing Strategies for Translating Self-management Support

The goal is to use interactive behavior-change technology—Connection to Health—to facilitate the adoption of crucial self-management support (SMS) interventions in primary care for patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and related health risk behaviors.

Funded by ARHQ

PI: W. Perry Dickinson, MD


 Implementing Networks' Self-management Tools Through Engaging Patients and Practices (INSTTEPP)

The goal is to use an innovative implementation intervention—Boot Camp Translation—to promote and study the implementation of AHRQ’s Self-Management Support (SMS) Library/Toolkit across 16 primary care practices in four PBRNs.

Funded by ARHQ

PI: Donald Nease, MD


 Understanding How Local Health Care Adaptations Affect Primary Health Care

The goal is to study the frequency and types of adaptations or purposeful modifications that are made to evidence-based programs when they are implemented in real world, primary care settings.

Funded by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

PI: Russell Glasgow, PhD


Key Resources

Contact Info:

Russell E. Glasgow, PhD, MCHES
Program Director, Colorado Research in Implementation Science Program of ACCORDS (Adult and Child Outcomes Research and Delivery Science)
Phone: (303) 724-7374
Doug Fernald, MA
Senior Instructor
Phone: (303) 724-9705