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University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Building a Patient-Centered Medical Home – the PCMH

Our residency program’s new curriculum has dedicated time during all three years of training to prepare residents to participate in and lead efforts to create and maintain a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).
 The PCMH is emerging as the new model of primary care delivery for the 21st century. A variety of national demonstration projects are underway to study how the PCMH practice redesign concept can deliver better care for patients and communities while rewarding primary care physicians appropriately for the services they apply and the quality of care they provide to their patients. 

To learn more about the PCMH, please visit these websites: 

PGY1 & PGY2​

During PGY1, residents will be introduced to the philosophy and structure of a Patient Centered Medical Home.  In PGY2 we have a six-week block dedicated to immersing residents into the practical aspects of a patient centered medical home.  Each week residents participate in:  

  • Team development and team-based care
  • Quality improvement activities
  • Development of personal health care plans for patients with complex medical problems working with a multidisciplinary team
  • Community projects that teach skills in community engagement and heath assessment


In PGY3 we have arranged for residents to continue to participate in the care management, practice improvement and community activities two days per month during most of the third year rotations.  We have also created a capstone month in June of the third year for residents to reflect on their PCMH efforts and to share them with interested parties inside and outside the residency.

Our efforts to teach the principles of a PCMH are merged with our efforts to transform our practices to operate at PCMH.  We are engaged with our residents in efforts to have both practices certified as a level 3 PCMH though the National Council on Quality Assurance. 

Our residency has the fortune to be participating in a multiyear PCMH development program that has, as its goal, the creation of PCMH practices in all the Colorado Family Medicine Residencies along with a curriculum that supports PCMH learning.  The program has provided each residency with a change facilitator that is helping to keep our efforts to do PCMH redesign on track.