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Syllabus & Schedule

Stout Street Clinic

Stout Street Clinic

Course Description: FMMD 6624: Healthcare for the Poor and Homeless (Stout Street)


Syllabus:  SSC 2013-2014 Syllabus

  • The Stout Street elective runs from October through May. In mid-September you will need to attend two introductory lunch lectures (Dr. Alter Pandya's “Introduction to Healthcare for the Poor and Homeless” and Drs. Madigosky and Melillo’s “Introduction to Clinical Skills”) and an orientation evening at the Stout Street Clinic.
  • You will then be randomly assigned to a team of students and will complete 5 scheduled Wednesdays at the clinic throughout the year, roughly one Wednesday evening per month.
  • In addition, you will need to participate in two community service activities. Stout Street Community Service Leader's will be setting up some community service projects during the year, or you may complete the projects on your own. If you complete a project on your own, you must have preapproval.
  • At the end of each community service, you must complete an evaluation to receive a grade.
  • ​​This elective is Pass/Fail and there is not an Honors designation.

Current Stout Street Students

Please access the Clinic Schedule in the Stout Street Google Drive.


In addition to spending time at the Stout Street Clinic, to PASS the elective, you are required to  the elective participate in 2 volunteer events, each of which should be approx. 4 hours long. 

These events should be service-focused activities related to issues within the poor or homeless populations.  Full information on opportunities will be provided as they are announced.  Most of the events will be planned for the fall semester, so sign up to fulfill your requirement early!

Online Community Resources Guide for Stout S​treet Clinic Elective

>> Click to view the Resource Guide


​Volunteering Experience Post-Survey:

Surveys will be emailed to you upon completion.  Please contact Steven Cruse at and inform him of the date, location, activity and hours of service completed.