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Reading List

PCMH: Concept & Practice Elective

  • Didactic Session #1 Readings 1-2 
  • Didactic Session #2 Readings 3-4 
  • Didactic Session #3 Readings 5-6 
  • Didactic Session #4 Readings 7-8 
  • Didactic Session #5 Reading 9 
  • Didactic Session #6 Readings 10-12 
  • Didactic Session #7 Readings 13-14 


**Note: All readings should be completed before didactic session.


NOTE, for On- and Off-campus access to JAMA articles:

  1. On-campus JAMA access (when logged in to UCD Portal):
      • This link will take you directly to the article PDF housed on the JAMA website
  2. Off-campus JAMA access (via Health Sciences Library Article Linker):
      • This link will take you to the Health Sciences Library Article Linker page for the specific article.
      • Click the "Article" link in the "Links to content holdings" box.
      • In the next window, you will be prompted to enter your "Name" and "Student ID."
      • Click "Proceed" and the article PDF will open.
      • See "UCD Health Sciences Library - Accessing Full Text Online" for more information and details about off-campus library access. 


    1. “PCMH History, Seven Core Features, Evidence and Transformational Change” by the Robert Graham Center 
    2. “Joint Principles of the Patient-Centered Medical Home” by the AAFP, AAP, ACP, and AOA 
    3. “Discussion on General Practice in a Changing World” (pages 449-452) from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine 
    4. “The Group Health Medical Home At Year Two- Cost Savings, Higher Patient Satisfaction, And Less Burnout For Providers” by Robert J. Reid et. al
    5. “The Medical Home - Growing Evidence to Support a New Approach to Primary Care” by Thomas Rosenthal 
    6. “The Outcomes of Implementing Patient-Centered Medical Home Interventions- A Review of the Evidence on Quality, Access and Costs from Recent Prospective Evaluation Studies” by Kevin Grumbach, Thomas Bodenheimer, & Paul Grundy 
    7. “Patient Self-management of Chronic Disease in Primary Care” by Thomas Bodenheimer  
    8. “A ‘Stages to Change’ Approach to Helping Patients Change Behavior” by Gretchen Zimmerman, Cynthia Olson, & Michael Bosworth 
    9. “Task Force Report 6. Report on Financing  the New Model of Family Medicine” by Stephen Spann. 
    10.  “Implementing the Patient-Centered Medical Home - Observation and Description of the National Demonstration Project” by Elizabeth Stewart et. al 
    11. “Journey to the PCMH - A Qualitative Analysis of the Experiences of Practices in the National Demonstration Project” (pages 47-55) by Paul Nutting et. al 
    12.  “Standards And Guidelines For Physician Practice Connections®—Patient-Centered Medical Home (PPC-PCMH™)” (pages 1-13) by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. 
    13. “Improving Primary Care for Patients with Chronic Illness” by Thomas Bodenheimer, Edward Wagner, & Kevin Grumbach. 
    14.  “Improving Primary Care for Patients with Chronic Illness: The Chronic Care Model, Part 2” by Thomas Bodenheimer, Edward Wagner, & Kevin Grumbach.