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Course Outline

PCMH: Concept & Practice

  • 7 sessions of ~2hrs each (morning or evening)
  • Each didactic session will be composed of pre-session required reading, a presentation on several of the PCMH core principles, and group discussion. 
    • Each of these sessions will be given to the group by a different Colorado PCMH provider with particular expertise in the topic.
  • Each session will address a specific topic, such as 1 or 2 of the PCMH core principles.

Session Outline: 

Background and Introduction:  (1 unit)

    • History of Family Medicine, the current landscape of primary care in the USA, and the evolution of the Patient-Centered Medical Home.

PCMH Principles and Applications: (5 units)

    • Personal Physician & Physician Directed Medical Practice
    • Whole Person Orientation & Comprehensive Care
    • Patient Self-Management
    • Enhanced Access, Coordination of Care, & “Medical Neighborhoods”
    • Quality & Safety, Population Management, & Clinical Registries                                             

Conclusion & Future: (1 unit)

    • Quality Improvement Presentations
    • Colorado PCMH Pilot
    • NCQA Recognition
    • PCMH Resources
    • PCMH Future


Individual “Quality Improvement” Project

During the clinical experiences, students will be asked to identify an area of possible quality improvement within their particular PCMH. Students will research an area of improvement that fits within any of the PCMH principles, develop a possible solution or improvement tailored to their PCMH, and give a presentation to their classmates and colleagues.

Presentations would be given during the final didactic session, and students would be evaluated on their ability to identify an area of needed improvement, design a plausible solution, the originality and applicability of the solution, and the quality of their presentation. (Examples might include developing a clinical protocol for the treatment and follow-up of a condition, or developing a clinical screening tool for a particular population and illness) In this manner, students will gain practical experience in the overall process of clinical improvement, a key component of the PCMH model. In addition, PCMH preceptors could benefit from the innovations and solutions offered by the students.

Clinical Experience

Students will be asked to spend ~35 hrs per week working directly with the provider teams at Denver-area certified Patient Centered Medical Homes.  Students will be directly involved in patient care and management at the level of a Phase IV trainee.  In addition, students will be specifically tasked to observe for elements of the PCMH model within their clinic, corresponding to the PCMH element that is currently being studied.  In addition to discussions with their attending physicians, this could discussions with receptionists, billing, medical records, etc.