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FAQs for 4th Year Students

Informa​tion for Applying to FM Residencies

Do I need to do a Family Medicine Sub-I?
Do I need a Department (of Family Medicine) Letter?
How many reference letters do I need?
What are programs looking for?​
I only scored slightly above average on my USMLE exams, what are my chances in a Match?
What other rotations should I take?
When should I schedule my Sub-Is?
When should I schedule my Step 2, early so that a better score will make it to ERAS early?
How many programs should I apply to?
How many programs should I rank?
How do I find out about programs? Which are the most competitive?
Can I contact programs after (or before) I interview? (or have a second look)
Can I tell the residency that I will rank them highly?
Can I find out about who from CU have matched into that program?
Do programs provide travel reimbursement?
How do I get housing when traveling for an interview?
Who should I not annoy?
What NOT to ask in an interview?
What is the area of emphasis of each program?

    1. You can get an idea of their from residents, their website, the AAFP website and others but always ask if there is something that they feel is extraordinary that may not be evident or may be really new.