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Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship


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In August of 1999, the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, in conjunction with the Department of Orthopedics started a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship. The University of Colorado Sports Medicine Center has been established for many years in Denver. The facility as well as its faculty and fellows have a well-respected reputation and is a referral site for many primary care providers at the University and throughout the community. Many individuals and athletes also self-refer to this site. We expanded in 2006 with the Pediatric Sports Medicine Fellowship.

Cyclists in the Leadville Trail 100Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship encompass four major, equally important areas:

General Knowledge


Sports Injuries

Team Physician Experience

Specific curriculum objectives are defined for each component. There is overlap between the components in that knowledge and skills gained in some areas will augment other areas. This is a broad curriculum designed for longitudinal implementation over the one-year Fellowship.

The overall goal of this curriculum is to teach the primary care fellow to evaluate and manage sports medicine problems in their own patients. Patient care activities must be the cornerstone of training. These goals will be accomplished by working at four or five sites plus providing coverage at numerous athletic events such as Denver University games (women's basketball, volleyball, soccer, and men's hockey, basketball and soccer), University of Colorado Buffaloes games (football and women's and men's basketball), and some local high school games. The primary care fellow will also participate in many didactic conferences throughout the year.

Caring for participants in the Leadville Trail 100Requisites and Certification

We participate in the National Fellow Match Program. The duration of the fellowship is 12 months beginning July 1 and ending Jun 30. Fellowship graduates will be prepared and qualified to take the Sports Medicine Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) examination offered by the American Board of Family Medicine. If the perspective fellow is finishing his/her residency training, successful completion of the residency is a requisite for matriculation in our program.

Application and Further Information
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Applications for academic year 2013-2014 will be accepted beginning August 29, 2012.