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Department of Radiology

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Radiology Interest Group


The Radiology Interest Group is a student-run organization at the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine that fosters the personal development of medical students interested in radiologic science.  The interest group provides a link between students interested in radiology and radiology faculty members at the University, promoting relationships between the two.  Meetings focus on information and activities that introduce students to the breadth of radiology as a specialty choice, including lecture presentations by radiology faculty, tutelage and hands-on experience with radiologic equipment, social networking events with radiology faculty, residents, and other interested students, and the provision of information pertaining to radiology associations and outside events that are open to medical students.


Please contact us with questions regarding membership in the group, shadowing, research projects, interest group events, or mentorship.  

W, MS4

Peter Boulos, MS3

President Co-Vice President



​Kimi Kondo, DO Jim Davidson, MD
​Assistant Professor Assistant Professor
​Director of Medical Student Education Department of Radiology









Students who attend CRS events receive a deeply discounted admission.  Please contact the interest group with any questions.

2011-2012 CRS Schedule



The monthly dinner presentations will now be held at the JW Marriott Denver in Cherry Creek:

150 Clayton Lane
Denver, CO 80206

Valet parking will be available to our group at a discounted rate of $4.00. Guests may also enjoy one complimentary wine pour per meeting. The lecture fee will be waived at the first meeting that each medical student attends.

On-campus lectures and workshops are organized per semester by the group officers.  Information is emailed to medical students as the lectures are planned.  Please contact us with any questions.


Past on-campus events:

Common Chest Pathologies, Christian Cox, MD, 4/10/14

Pediatric Neuroimaging, Nick Stence, MD, 3/6/2014

Case Based Series: Pediatric Radiology, Kari Hayes, MD, 12/2/2013

Case Based Introduction to Nuclear Medicine, Jennifer Kwak, MD, 11/12/2013

Eponyms in Imaging, Brian Christenson, MD, 4/2/2013

Women’s Imaging, Jayme Takahashi, MD, 10/22/2012

Introduction to Interventional Radiology, Tyler Green,  MD, 9/11/2012

Lung Cancer Screening, Peter Sachs, MD, 2/28/2012

Stroke Imaging, Thomas Borges, MD, 11/17/2011

Genitourinary Radiology, Jaime Hosmer, MD, 5/26/2011

OB Ultrasound, Elizabeth Stamm, MD, 2/17/2011

A Brief Overview of Endocrine Imagining, Giustino Albanese, MD, 12/9/2010

GI CT and Fluoroscopy Studies, Jayme Takahashi, MD, 11/23/2010

Reading Xrays, Adam Summerlin, MD, 10/27/2010

Epilepsy and Imaging, Thomas Borges, MD, 10/7/2010

Rural Radiology: tour of Glenwood Springs' Valley View Hospital, 7/31/2010

Q&A with 4th year medical students that matched in Radiology, 4/21/2010, 5/10/2011, 5/3/2012

Ultrasound workshop, a hands-on experience, 2/25/2010, 2/24/2011, 4/19/2012

Residency Q&A with Department of Radiology Residents, 12/9/2009

Abdomen and Pelvis Imaging, Nayana Patel, MD, 11/3/2009

Stroke Imaging, David Rubenstein, MD, 9/23/2009


The Radiology Interest Group leadership is committed to helping students match in a radiology residency program.  Any student that is interested in radiology is advised to read the following document and contact the interest group regarding radiology electives for 4th year students, sub-internships at UCDHSC, research in the Department of Radiology, and applying to radiology residency programs.

2013 AMSER Guide to Applying for Radiology Residency

All students enrolled in the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine are invited to all events facilitated by the Radiology Interest Group using the student email lists for each class.  If you would like information related to pertinent events that are not facilitated by the interest group, such as monthly Colorado Radiological Society meetings and radiology research opportunities, please join our mailing list below.