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Lawrence Hunter, PhD



My research interests involve the development and application of advanced computational techniques to biomedicine, particularly the application of machine learning and statistical inference techniques to high-throughput molecular assays. I am also interested in automated processing of biomedical texts, anatomically realistic models of neural computation, and neurobiologically and evolutionarily informed computational models of cognition.

As one of the founders of the field of bioinformatics, I have explored applications of computational techniques to a wide variety of biological problems, including protein structure, macromolecular sequence analysis, combinatorial chemistry and managing the enormous biomedical literature. The current focus of my laboratory is on developing novel techniques for the analysis of gene expression array data for the inference of metabolic and signaling pathways from genetic, proteomic and transcriptional data, and for the management of large collections of biomedical documents. Our primary computational tools are the algorithms of machine learning and natural language processing.


My 1993 book, Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology is now available for free on the web. Some of the chapters, particularly the introduction to molecular biology for the computer scientist, may still be of interest.



Current Lab Members 

 Results From Personnel : Selected site and subsites
First NameLast NameMiddle InitialDegreePosition
MaylaBoguslav BSGraduate Student
TiffanyCallahan BSGraduate Student
CarstonGörg PhDInstructor
NegacyHailu BSGraduate Student
AnisKarimpour-Fard PhDProfessional Research Assistant
HarrisonPielke-Lombardo BSGraduate Student
KathleenThomasR.BSProfessional Research Assistant
IgnacioTripodi BSGraduate Student
ElizabethWhiteK.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
PrabhaYadav BAProfessional Research Assistant

Former Trainees

 Results From Personnel : Selected site and subsites
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First NameLast NameMiddle InitialDegreePosition
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MyriamAbramson PhDGraduate Student
GeorgeAcquaah-MensahK.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
KelseyAndersonCBSGraduate Student
MichaelBada PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
WilliamBaumgartner PhDGraduate Student
J. GregoryCaporaso PhDGraduate Student
ChristopherFunkS.BSGraduate Student
IvoGeorgiev PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
MichaelHinterbergA.BSGraduate Student
MinHong PhDGraduate Student
AnisKarimpour-Fard PhDGraduate Student
ToddKesterA.MSGraduate Student
SoniaLeachM.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
JosephineLiangJ.MScGraduate Student
HaibinLiu PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
KevinLivingstonM.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
ZhiyongLu PhDGraduate Student
DanielMcGoldrickJ.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
DanielMcShanC.PhDGraduate Student
ThomasMcTavishS.PhDGraduate Student
CaryMillerA.MSGraduate Student
PhilipOgrenV.PhDGraduate Student
WilliamOld PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
RichardOsborneM.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
NatalyaPanteleyeva PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
JessePaquette MSGraduate Student
TzuPhangL.PhDPostdoctoral Fellow
KevinRappoportJ.PhDGraduate Student
StevenRussellA.PhDGraduate Student