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Anatomic Pathology

The Colorado Molecular Correlates Laboratory (CMOCO) is a state-of-the-art facility, located within the University of Colorado Department of Pathology. The CMOCO Laboratory is dedicated to the development and implementation of predictive, prognostic and diagnostic molecular biomarker testing that will permit selection of cancer treatments with targeted therapy allowing for the best in personalized medicine.​​

Download CMOCO Test Requisition Form​​​​

Download CMOCO Specimen Submission Guidelines

HD Test Consent Form.pdfHuntington's Disease Test Consent Form

Tumors similarly expressing markers that predict response to treatment and are evaluated by the CMOCO Laboratory include:

Cancer Type
Molecular Markers
Bladder UroVysion
Breast HER2, ER, PR
Cervical HPV
Colon KRAS, BRAF, Microsatellite Instability
Head and Neck HPV, EBV,  MAML2 Rearrangement​​​
Lung EGFR, KRAS, HER2 Mutation, MET Amplification, ALK Rearrangement, ROS1 Rearrangement, RET Rearrangement
Melanoma BRAF, KIT
Stomach HER2 Amplification

GYN Tests

digene HC2 HPV DNA Testing​

digene HC2 CT/GC DNA Testing

Specimen Submission

Specimens may be sent via FedEx or our available courier services (local samples).

Result Reports

We can arrange secure fax or email reporting according to your preference.

Please allow us the opportunity to serve you!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​