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Jori K. Leszczynski, DVM

Director for the Office of Laboratory Animal Resources, University Veterinarian and Assistant Professor


  • BS, Food Science and Nutrition, The Ohio State University (1995)
  • DVM, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University (1999)

Postdoctoral Education:

  • Fellowship, Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago (2002)

Research Activities

  • Consultation and collaboration for animal models and model development
  • Animal Facility Management


  • JK Leszczynski, DG Danahey, KT Ferrer, TA Hewett, JD Fortman: Primary Hyperparathyroidism in an Adult Female Olive Baboon (Papio anubis). Comparative Medicine 2002 Dec; 52(6); pages 563-567
  • JK Leszczynski, KA Esser: The MEF2 site is necessary for induction of the myosin light chain 2 slow promoter in overloaded regenerating plantaris muscle. Life Sciences 2003 Nov; 73(25); 3265-3276.
  • TA Hornberger, TJ McLoughlin, JK Leszczynski, DD Armstrong, RR Jameson, PE Bowen, ES Hwang, H Hou, ME Moustafa, BA Carlson, DL Hatfield, AM Diamond and KA Esser: Selenoprotein-Deficient Transgenic Mice Exhibit Enhanced Exercise-Induced Muscle Growth. Journal of Nutrition 2003 Oct; 133(10); 3091-309​​7.
  • CC Lieggi, JE Artwohl, JK Leszczynski, NA Rodriguez, BL Fickbohm, JD Fortman: Efficacy and Safety of Stored and Prepared Tribromoehtanol in ICR Mice. Contemporary Topics in Laboratory Animal Science. 2005 Jan; 44(1); 17-22.
  • JK Leszczynski, N Mays, L McCort: Adoption Complications: The Answer is "C". Lab Animal. 2005 Oct; 34(9):20.
  • JK Leszczynski: Is Electronic Approval Appropriate? Quorum Requires Convened Meeting. Lab Animal. 2010 Oct; 39(10):298-299.
  • M Golkowski, C Golkowski, JK Leszczynski, SR Plimpton, P Maslowski, A Foltynowicz-Mtyba, J Ye, B McCollister: Hydrogen Peroxide Enhanced Nonthermal Plasma Effluent for Biomedical Applications. IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science. Pending Publication​

Office Location:

 Research Center 2



 Office Phone:


(303) 724-3987

(303) 724-2327

Mailing Address:

 University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

 12800 East 19th Avenue

 Mailstop 8312

 Aurora, CO 80045​